Saturday 26 May 2018


A Happy Saturday to you.  Just a brief selection of the Aquilegias flowering in the garden.  I tend to have the dark ones in the sunny yard, and pinky ones up in the top garden.  I note I am down to just three pure white ones now (must save seed from those) and one of the flowers on my really tall pink and yellow plant (in a tub) has turned out pure pink . . .  Variations of different flower types on the same plant is a regular occurrence too.

I have some seeds started (Tequila Sunrise) which I bought recently, but so far nothing has shown through the soil in the tray.  Perhaps the hot temps were a bit much for them - I have them on the concrete in the yard now, covered in a cat-proof tray . . .

A short and sweet post this morning as my asthma's not very good at the moment - heavy rain on pollen is apparently NOT a good thing for asthmatics.  I am hoping to avoid another course of steroids.  

They adore the gravel and self-seed everywhere.

Finally, some mesh over the strawberry patch which Ghengis DOESN'T fit through!


  1. Lovely to see your beautiful aquilegias - we still have a few plants in the front garden where they self-seed every year. Hope you feel a bit better soon.

  2. Beautiful flowers. This is the best part of blogging for me when I can visit the gardens and countryside of blog friends.
    I hope you will feel better soon !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. All the aquilegias here have reverted to pale pink and purple. There are dozens and I thought I dug lots out last year. I love them but they are taking over

  4. Such beautiful plants. So lovely to have them all over. I’ve got a purple and white one that I love.

  5. Acquilegias are my favourites and I'm glad to have some here. Sadly, I lost the packets of seeds I saved from the old house!
    Hope you feel better

  6. I hope your asthma has improved.

    We only have pale pink Aquilegias around here, but that must change, those purple ones are lovely.

  7. Thank you all. The flowers are going over fast now so I am enjoying them whilst I can.