Sunday, 20 May 2018

Pottering round Brecon

Well, given all the hoo-hah about yesterday's Royal Wedding, imagine my surprise at finding this sign in Brecon this morning - just one letter adrift!!

Here's the wonderful house it's associated with:

So now you know!  I'd have loved to have seen inside.

This building was the stables and coach-house for Buckingham Place.  Note cobbled stretch still at front.  Now it is a children's Day Nursery.

The remains of this house were opposite - just a front wall left standing to half the house height, with a rather imposing doorway, blocked in.  Behind was a car park for businesses in that vicinity.  Intriguing.

Another grand house - now a nursing home.

I will have to try and find out something about this imposing building - it tickles me that the portico is a a floor up, above the front door!  Later: this is Watton Mount.  It was formerly the Council Offices, and here are the listing details for it.

Dan-y-Gaer Mill, a former Sawmill in Brecon.

Walking down from the Mill towards the Canal basin.  I rather liked the green villa.

The Canal Basin at Brecon (above and below).  There were several narrowboats on the canal, including one which does 2 1/2 hour canal cruises (I'd love to go on one of those this summer).

At the side of the tow path were 4 lovely tiled pictures of the canal, showing the route it took and some of its history.

For sale!  A lovely cottage at a lovely spot - BUT, there is a busy road out of (and into) Brecon just the other side of it.  Such a pretty garden too, with lots of Aquilegias.

A modern wooden rendering of the area's past.  This was near the Limekilns . . .

Above and below: the path continues onwards.  Below, heading towards the Black Mountains.

On my way back, I took the little lane the other side of the canal path, and here are the limekilns.

One of the Mallards on the canal.

Finally, a wee cottage tacked on the end of a row of terraces.  The roof and end wall look very scew-whiff!


  1. Lovely tour and photos.
    I like the mosaic panels and would love the boat tour.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. It looks a lovely town - so many interesting buildings and I love the tiles by the canal.
    Great photos.

  3. Glad you enjoyed the photos. I think it's a nice little town - we have been there many times down the years.