Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Two posts in a day!

Phew, today has turned out to be . . . a wee bit different.  After waiting for weeks (I don't like to nag and after the 3rd asking, gave up) Next Door Farmer came to top our paddock today.  Well, I suppose it is no longer a paddock as unfenced, and now has a small orchard, soft fruit, planted area etc.  Anyway, that is by the by.  The grass and Dock had gotten to about 3 feet high . . .

I have had one of those oddball days. Next Door - the dad, G (his son has now taken over the farm) - came into top the paddock for us. I had asked son C very politely again yesterday - he kept saying they were too busy before. I mentioned we weren't having any more viewings, but my asthma was very bad and I was on my second course of steroids already so could he please cut it. (In return, he gets to use the top field whenever he wants for cattle). Anyway, G was going round the field and I went out to see how he was doing, and noticed a strange car parked in our drive. The family looked very embarrassed when I went over - they were From Off, and thought our driveway was the lane up the hill to Felingwm. They couldn't reverse out because the Estonian bloke working for G & C was letting the cows in and had put the binder twine "rope" across the driveway! I explained to them the route out and said it was a bit confusing round here when lanes looked like cow tracks looked like farm roads. By way of guidance, if there was an electric fence both sides of them, they weren't on the lane!!

Then later on I went into the kitchen and found Theo with a bit wet patch on his back and chewing on what looked like tiny slivers of mouse (sorry if tmi) - he had burst an enormous abscess on his jawline and there was gunk from it everywhere - especially his chops. Poor boy. He wasn't at all impressed when I got some boiled water with salt in and a couple of wads of cotton wool and cleaned him off. He's been outside since, and had some extra grub which I cunningly laced with some of the painkiller left over from Ghengis last week. He's on the sofa now, so I think I shall be sitting at the other end tonight . . .


  1. Sounds as though it has all been happening today for you.

  2. OOh - I was glad to be done with the face explosion Pat!