Wednesday, 23 May 2018

How does your garden grow?

In our main pond, the yellow Flag Irises are now in full bloom, and looking beautiful.  I have been admiring them as I sit in the sunshine on the patio, with my book.  It just goes to show that I CAN rest sometimes!

These lovely Welsh poppies have self-seeded themselves into the top of a wall.  They seem to like to struggle in life . . .

Alliums.  Believe it or not I have never grown them before, though mum used to.  I have one head with just a few flowers but lots of Bulbils (the paper-like covering didn't peel back properly).  So I shall have lots of extra ones for next year.

The youngest of the Montana clematis, which I popped into the top of a wall "bed" a couple of years back.  It's taken a while to get established, but is now doing well.  I have another white one in the front thicket of rambler roses which is putting on a show too.

Here is the original one, which has put out even more flowers now, and the scent is divine.  I have a number of Aquilegias which have established themselves in the gravel bed here - proper photos tomorrow.

Finally, Alfie in the shade of the stripey grass beside the pond.  When this grows high in the summer months they all like to rest in there.

It's late and I haven't been downstairs to unwind before bed yet, so will be back tomorrow with some Aquilegia photos.


  1. Beautiful. I am missing my pond and the flag irises. But I have a lovely planting of Iris Sibirica underneath a cotinus and ALL the roses planted here are beautiful and scented so that makes me very happy. Still waiting for the first peony but the lilacs have been wonderful and there is a very pretty double deep blue aquilegia so I have been making lots of purply blue flower arrangements. I dug over one quarter of the new vegetable garden this afternoon and had to finish the bottle of Royal Wedding English sparkling wine to ease my aching muscles! I cannot tell you how much I am loving our new house and garden. That Clematis Montana is amazing. I want one!

  2. Your new garden sounds wonderful Sarah, and I am glad the move has gone well for you. I don't blame you for hitting the wine and hope it relaxed those muscles. I am pleased you are so happy there, and hope you have a place or two to plant the Clematis Montana. I once had one right across the end of the garden and it was AMAZING in bloom. Then Next Door's nasty son took the trasher to it - four passes across killed it completely. I was incoherent with rage. . .

  3. Beautiful garden filled with wonderful flowers. It must smell wonderful.
    I miss my gardens in my Laguna Beach homes but for now I am happy with my desert garden.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. It does smell wonderful, and it just thrums with the humming of bees, so I know I am doing a good job to help them too. I guess all gardens are different and you probably have a low maintenance garden where you are now. (Hah - mine is NOT!)

  5. You have a lovely garden. It is good to know that you can stop whizzing around, now and then, but with a garden that size I imagine you have to put the hours in!

  6. Thank you Elaine. It's nice to just take it at my pace, and get things done thoroughly. The new veg plot shouldn't have ONE WEED in it! Yet . . . I can easily work out in the garden for 8 hours every day, but then I get on top of all the weeds and have it just as I want it. Since starting my little business, I just haven't had the time.