Friday 4 January 2019

The New Year's New Broom and some Christmas gifts

Before they get forgotten in the bustle and hustle of the new year, here are some special gifts from family and a friend.  I had admired this beautiful chunk of Labradorite when Tam was showing me that and similar stones on Fleabay.  I was amazed when I unwrapped just the piece I had loved so much, and it has the most amazing power.  It is said that crystals choose you - or rather, you are drawn to them because of your physical or mental needs.  This one is good for lung function and it really does seem to help when I have it near me for an evening.  The colours remind me of our river, which has a particular blue which comes from the slate bedrock, and browns and golds from shallows and sparkles in the quartz rocks on the riverbed.

Just one of the 12 days of Christmas which I saw on a blog and fell in love with.  I am waiting for a quiet day to get started.  Gabby also gave me this lovely pile of felts to use, and the beautiful yarn.

I was trying to line these both up, but no, they
don't want to!  Anyway, big pack of felt squares for my Goose-a-Laying, and a ball of gorgeous wool to play with.

Danny gave me this posh DAB radio, with the words "Perhaps you will be listening to something other than just Radio 4 now, as it accesses a lot of different channels".  I fear he knows me too well, but although it is currently tuned to Radio 4, I have been exploring!

A joint present for Keith and I from Tam, who hoped it may mention the family who lived in this house, and rallied to the call and fought for Henry Tudor at Bosworth.  In fact, one of them was made Esquire to the Body of Henry VII, so he must have helped appreciably to further his cause.  It's a brilliant book, chronicling Welsh history from that period, especially West Wales and Carmarthenshire.

And again - not side by side, but you can see two lovely books from my dear friend Gay, who knows my taste exactly!  She just buys what she would love herself (or already has) and knows I do the same for her!!  We have been friends for nearly 50 years now, so it's no wonder we know each other well.

The little pussy cat pin cushion was a surprise gift from Keith and came wrapped in a shoe-box so no way could I guess the contents!  He also bought me the pewter shoe pin cushion behind it at last week's Fleamarket.  I hope I'm not starting another collection . . .

Finally, we were given some money as a gift, and also had a good fair last week, so we indulged ourselves in some new bedding.  Having redecorated our bedroom, I wanted bedding which wasn't pink or deep red (bought to match the old decor).  Wish I could afford the matching curtains too, but that's not going to happen - this was enough of an indulgence!!

As for the New Year's new broom - now I have my Hospital Appt. behind me, I am feeling more positive and energised, and have made a mental list of what I want to achieve before the house goes back on the market - of course, this includes yet more redecorating, but that is an ongoing process in a house this size.  If the weather allows, I need to get busy out in the garden too, before it all gets away from me when the pollen arrives.

I am also going to turn the long bedroom (5) into my craft room proper, so the bunk beds will have to go so I can put a long table in the corner for cutting out on,  pinning etc. where there is good light from the Velux window in the roof.  There's another the other end, but the door opens out onto that area.  I bought myself two storage stacks from Aldi today - they have 4 pull out trays so I am organizing my small crafting bits into those so I know just where to look for things.  The crafting items in the corner cupboard in the sitting room are now gradually travelling upstairs.

I'm also going through the Junk room to turf out all the bits of china we haven't sold in the past year or so and doing a few car boot sales and what doesn't sell will go into auction.  I want it to look much tidier and open in there, without piles of cardboard boxes of STUFF!

Right, it's a start anyway.


  1. Hi BB, you received some lovely presents there. The Laboradite is a beautiful stone. I have a piece in the shape of a heart which I bought many years ago and when I give readings I usually have it to hand as it is a very good grounding/focus stone as well. The stone in effect picks you - you get a two way mutual feeling. If it feels good work with it but if you are not happy with it don't use it. I had a necklace bought for me a few years ago which felt as though it was strangling me everytime I wore it. Despite it being a gift I did pass that on to someone it was more sympatico with. Are you perhaps starting an antique needlework implement collection. I have a small one - which a friend inspired me to start. She has a grand collection which she has on display where she works and it is impressive. Most of her main pieces are silver. I have four little pincushions which are also silver which I got a bargain on for all four a little while ago. I also have antique buttons on cards, threads etc. Love the bedding it is gorgeous and will go well with that blue. Don't say never on the curtains and keep your eyes open on fleabay as you just never know. Some lovely pieces from your friend also. I have a Dab radio which I have on when I am working downstairs. I like Radio 4 too but tend out of habit to listen more to Radio 2 especially of an evening during the week. Like Friday night is music night and there is also a Folk programme on during the week as well. Glad you are clearing a craft area for yourself too it will make it easier for you. I am still clearing a little a bit at a time but fear am not being as successful as I should be. Glad you are feeling more positive now just take it steady. Tricia xx

    1. I have a piece of Rutilated quartz, which also "chose me" but it is SO strong I can't have it near me for long but it's good if I have a chest infection. The Labradorite I have had on the coffee table and feel marvellous tonight. I'm glad it's a grounding stone too, as I'm not very grounded with my "insights" into things.

      The little cat pincushion is silver, but the shoe is pewter. I would love some more needlework things - have some lovely old lace bobbins with the Victorian beads on. Such things speak to me.

      Oooh, a Folk programme on Radio 2? I will have to look that one up.

  2. Wonderful gifts, chosen with love. The Labradorite is exquisite, I'm glad it has such a positive effect. Talking of positive - I want some of that energy - you seem to be fair crackling with it! Action woman. You have been through the mill lately, it is wonderful to hear you fizzing with plans. Oh, and the bedding is gorgeous!

    1. I think I have FINALLY shaken off that virus we had - right now I have so much energy I don't think I shall sleep for a while! I hope it's still there in the morning!

      I very quickly washed the bedding, so I wasn't tempted into taking it back because I felt guilty for spending so much on it! Well, it was gifted money after all, so not so much of a guilty feeling . . .

  3. Sounds good to me ! Lovely gifts you got.

  4. Great gifts and I adore the Labradorite is beautiful. I collect Garnets and Turquoise.
    The books look wonderful. The covers for Dun Cow Rib and Country Near have wonderful illustrated covers.
    Love your new header.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. I just love that piece of Labradorite - always wanted one but prices in the shops prohibitive. The really desirable pieces are the ones with the strongest blue in but tbh, I preferred this - as I said, it reminds me of our river.

      Are your Garnets and Turquoise big lumps, or in jewellery parsnip?

  5. What a brilliant bag of presents from everyone. Also love the labroadite, Paul picked up a chopped log the other day with the most delicate similar pattern, it could almost have been quartz. Don't expend too much energy all in one go....

  6. Was it spalled wood that Paul picked up Thelma? I've seen some lovely black-line patterns in turned wood. Keith is always drawn to those.

    Energy is returning but I will try not to go for burn-out!

  7. Interesting reading about your crystals. It is not something I have believed in myself but whatever helps...the only one I have ever felt drawn to was a pretty pink, quartz maybe? I think thenit was only the colour.
    Your pincushion is adorable. I had a thing for glass scent bottles once and had a small collection. They are packed away in a box somewhere now as I found them difficult to display. Maybe this is the year for me to sell them.
    I’m so glad you have shaken off your virus. My husband had one that hung around longer than normal and is just emerging from the lurgy thank goodness. Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

  8. There's a shop in Hay-on-Wye which sells crystals and when I go in there I get a terrible headache - it's all the energy they give off I suppose. Some people (I am one) pick up on these things, but to other folk they are just crystals. Odd.

    That virus was a nasty thing and I now hope we have lifelong immunity - not keen to have that one come visiting again!

    Funny how you can pack things away and they lose their hold over you! I have found this with my bits of old china.

  9. What a lovely collection of presents - I especially love the crystal and the beautiful pin cushion. I so wish I had a spare bedroom which I can could turn back into a study/craft room so I am sure you will have fun moving everything into the room :) Books all look good and rather tempting! :)