Thursday, 21 March 2019

Sun, sea and sand with my family

They promised us sunshine yesterday, but we woke up to drizzle. We had said we would go to the coast yesterday, and we did, all of us, the entire family  which is a rare happening, and it was lovely. Two hours of sunshine - which arrived just as we drove down into New Quay, and as we drove away from the junction at Synod Inn, we looked across the fields and they were smothered in a sea fret! Talk about perfect timing.

So here we are, my family (Gabby didn't want to be in the photo so wielded the camera instead) - the sun was in my eyes a bit but it was worth it to be warm and able to sit outside for a lunchtime drink before being treated to fish and chips. 

The view across the harbour wall.

Looking further up the coast from the top of the car park (above) and then the bottom part of the town, where the shops, chippies and pubs are.

Looking up at the main part of the town from the harbour wall.

Rock pools, above, and below - the beach had obviously suffered lashing waves in recent storms and the white stripes, looking like scum from a distance, turned out to be tiny pieces of crushed seashells.

Above and below: Alexanders, the seaside Umbellifer, always flowers very early and there was plenty in evidence here.

Finally, above and below:  a nearly-finished hand-pieced hexagon quilt which I intend to finish off and then offer for sale.  I found it in a charity shop recently and it deserves to be finished.

Well, I need to go and get packed now, as Tam and I are off up North tomorrow and I have a weekend away with her and her partner.  I am greatly looking forward to visiting Haworth and the Bronte Parsonage Museum, as well as other Yorkshire gems.  See you next week when I shall be able to show you my much-changed (and hopefully finished) sewing room.


  1. Glad you had such a super day with the family it makes a difference. Quilt looks good as well very lively. hope you have a lovely few days away as well. it will do you good. look forward to seeing the sewing room on your return. have a good one. Tricia xx

  2. I shall probably have to move a few pieces round on the quilt to even it up, but I do have some hot pink which is very similar, so will see how I go.

  3. Lovely photos. Off to Yorkshire my old stomping ground. Enjoy.

    1. Are you a Yorkshire lass then Jill? I hope it keeps dry for the weekend.

  4. Have a lovely time up north with family

  5. Will do Sue. It's a few years since I was last up there.

  6. Thanks for the lovely trip to the coast. Such a pretty quilt. Have a good time and enjoy yourself with the family.