Sunday 30 June 2019

BARBEE - here's that Aquilegia photo for you

I hope that this was the one you loved Barbee.  Shout out if not!

Meanwhile, we trotted round the car boot sale this morning and bought some things for the next Fair, plus - and this is going no further than ME - an unfinished quilt top and some fabrics to finish it with, plus a couple of useful lengths of cotton fabric to use on another project.  There were more not-useful-to-me fabrics which were just bunged in so those will go to the charity shop. The colours on this quilt are better when seen close to rather than through a camera lens.

So, this is a little project to keep me busy.  Although I do have a couple of other unfinished hexagon quilts I've picked up which are also waiting in the wings. . .

Tam has now gone home now and I am fast disappearing under a pile of paperwork to allow me to rewrite a Heritage Statement as we want to change the access here . . .

Later . . . I thought I was doing well in the breathing department but I have taken a hit this afternoon - peak flow down a bit but chest is feeling tight.  I normally last an hour or two after my inhaler is due but not today.  We'll see how I am tomorrow - still hoping to avoid the steroids if I can.  Doing the car boot sale yesterday probably raised the histamine levels and being out early today added to them.

Oh, and remember the work on the root canal earlier in the week, when it all got redrilled, cleaned out and I am to return in August?  Well, I think I may be back there a good bit sooner than that as I have a return of the puffiness of the gum above it, as if an abscess is brewing.  Deep joy!


  1. I love the way Aquelegia seed freely and cross pollinate - I have plenty of tiny seedlings coming up - who knows what will emerge.

  2. I love the way that you sometimes get different variations of flower heads on the same stem too!

  3. You are kind! Thank you! I'll mark this page. Wow, sorry about the tooth! Thinking of you.

    1. That's OK. It was easy to find. The tooth I can deal with but tonight the asthma is not good . . .