Tuesday 11 June 2019

Cheesy Sausage Peek-a-Boos

These are they and they taste as good as they look.  I fancied making sausage rolls, but wanted something a little bit different.  I had sausages defrosting for tea tonight, and borrowed two from the pack which I then took the skin off and made some cheesy pastry to wrap around them.  Easy peasy.  

Cheese Pastry:

225g/8 oz plain flour
1/2 level tspn salt
1/2 level tspn dried mustard
Pinch Cayenne pepper
75g/3 oz firm margarine or butter
75g/3 oz finely grated cheese
1 egg-yolk
2 tablespoons water (use measure)

Sieve dry ingredients into a bowl and rub in margarine.  Mix in cheese. Mix the egg yolk with water and bind all together (you may need to use more water if a little dry).  Knead until smooth.  Wrap in greaseproof paper and leave for half an hour before rolling out (I didn't!)

I rolled mine out to a double-sausage length and about 1 1/2 inches/4 cm wide either side.  I wetted the edges with egg white and folded across the sausages, and then cut them into slices and rolled them into balls and glazed with egg white and cooked them at 400F/200C deg./Gas 6 for 15 mins. 

These are Lemon Drizzle Muffins - recipe was up on here a little while back.  I'll add a link tomorrow too.  We have friends round for coffee, cake and chat, hence the baking.

The hall - just to show it CAN be tidy if I work hard enough!  We had the first agent out today.  All I can say is if an agent won't give you a valuation, but compares your property with MUCH lesser ones as being on "a par with these" - this includes our neighbour's small 2 bedroom cottage - and suggests an offers over asking price of the lowest value we were given 10 years ago, then they are unlikely to gain either our respect or our business.

The morning room all tidy too.

Back in the morning.  Hoping I can sleep.  I am very upset about today's goings on.


  1. I didn't have a good gut feeling about these ones from the start!

  2. It is just the start, those sausage cheesy rolls look delicious.

  3. I'm on a calorie-counting diet though Thelma, so can only look at them!

    Ref. the estate agent - you can see why so many have a bad name . . .

  4. The sausage cheesy rolls look tasty. Will try them when our temperature cools down. Too bad about the estate agent but the next one may show you more respect.

    1. Thanks Judy. Here it is SOUP weather and when we get our oil topped up, the heating will be put on for a little while each day. Yup, really is cold, wet and miserable - especially for June. I am sure tomorrow's agent will be more old school and have manners.

  5. That hall floor and the beautiful sunny morning room would sell it for me BB - beautiful. Better luck next time.

    1. Glad you like it Pat. The hall tends to end up as the dumping ground for "stuff" so getting it clean a lengthy undertaking (means Tidying Up!) but now it's staying tidy!

  6. The sausage cheesy rolls look delicious and your hall and morning room look lovely. Do hope you have better luck with the second estate agent.

    1. I've been very naughty and just had the last two for my breakfast this morning. As you will see, agent number two was The One!