Wednesday 19 February 2020

Gloucester Cathedral 2

Thomas Machen (1541 - 1614) and his wife Christian, and below some of their 13 children (poor woman!) - 7 sons and 6 daughters.  He was Sheriff of Gloucester several times, and Mayor several times too.

I think these modern stained glass windows are lovely.

Sorry, above plaque barely legible - Charles John Ellicot, Bishop of Gloucester, lived 1819 - 1905.

A lesser-known fact about this noble figure is that his naughty brothers once upended a full and very well used chamber-pot over his head . . .  Perhaps this was what led to his rocky relationship with them and his father . . .

The Cathedral has 46 beautifully carved 14th C Misericords, and 12 other replacements by Gilbert Scott.   Their designs reflect mythology, folklore, religious symbolism and everyday life.  The one above is open to conjecture!

Could be anything!!

A figure of a king wearing a crown with beaked beasts either side of him. 

The man riding a goat is to do with Licentiousness, something that goats were well known for.  The perils of succombing to lust . . .

Another not sure - Christ? St Francis?  with a donkey.  Or just "Be kind to animals . . ."

Finally, one of the stunning stained glass windows.

Whilst we aren't bothered with flooding now the river is back down to showing the rocks again, other poor souls further east are still suffering, and more rain due and the good folk of Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Gloucestershire in the firing line with rising river levels, and yet more heavy rain forecast for the next day or two. When will it end?


  1. This post is a beautiful visit to the Cathedral, I like the blue color of the modern stained glass, the knight's resting place and story (not to be king) and the wood carvings. I am praying that the rain and flooding danger you mention ends quickly.

  2. Thanks so much for all the beautiful photos. I am a real fan of Tom Denny's work so it was splendid to see his windows :) I loved all the misericords as I always find them so fascinating especially trying to work out what they represent!!! Tombs are always interesting too - I've started to do some research into heraldry mainly due to all the coats of arms I've seen in churches.

  3. One of my favourite cathedrals - love the tombs and love the modern stained glass too.

  4. My local cathedral - I live at the edge of Gloucester city boundary and regularly pop in just for the peace it brings. Always something to discover there

  5. You took us on a beautiful tour, the stained glass windows a true delight. My heart goes out to all those affected by these dreadful storms.

  6. I have just been catching up with your posts. When we have heavy rain I always think you the river near you and hope that all is well. So sorry for all those people whose homes and businesses have been/are so dreadfully affected.

    The cathedral is lovely, I particularly like the bog oak effigy, with his raised knee. His left arm looks quite crudely carved and yet other areas are quite detailed. The donkey and man just made me laugh. The windows, modern and ancient, are superb.

  7. I love those windows, thanks for posting.