Friday 28 May 2021

How's THIS for good walking country?

 The header photo shows Banc y Celyn, as the crow flies about 5 miles (or less) from our new home.  We can walk from home - if we don't mind a pretty steep climb.  Or we can cheat, drive, and park up so we are already on the top.  Here are some photos to give you an idea of the stupendous views - and the photos are a very poor substitute for the breathtaking scenery.  Few words tonight, just photos.

There will be a post about a church site which we visited yesterday evening, but views first.  From the churchyard we could see this road - turns out it is the one "over the top" to Erwood.  I was dubious at first as it went right through a farmyard - as some roads are wont to do in Wales - but indeed, it was the correct road and not a dead end.

We stopped up on the top of the first hill just to drink in the view in every direction.  Above and below, looking in the direction of home - which is about 5 miles away by minor road.

Then we climbed back in the car and drove higher still and then, W.O.W.  360 degree views AND some!  Brecon Beacons below.

Black Mountains running into Hay Bluff.

Below the road ahead - very single track, but fortunately we didn't meet anyone coming the other way.

These photos are all an area known as Banc y Celyn, and the ones below show where it ends with the River Wye in the bottom.  Hawthorns in bloom across the rocky hillsides.  Somewhere on this patch there is a stone circle, so Tam and I will have to go and check it out.  We can walk part of the Wye Valley Way too (it crosses the river just above Erwood village.)

As you can see, amazing walking country - now the sun has come out, fleetingly (back to grey skies and showery today).  I have had a bad night with my asthma.  As pollen levels are low, I can only assume that once again it is the compost (which has obvious mould in it).  I made sure I used a medical-grade mask when topping up planters 2 days ago, but obviously I cannot use it at all and will have to get Tam to pot plants up for me.  I will try a change of compost too.  The Miracle-Gro one won't do.  So, it's back on the steroids, much as I try to avoid a course because of them stopping me sleeping.


  1. How good is that - fabulous I'd say! My friend the writer Jim Perrin rates the area round Builth as some of the best (and yet least known) walking in Wales.

    1. I reckon your friend Jim is spot on. Everywhere we have walked/explored has endless tracks, footpaths and bridleways and though we see a few folk in town with walking boots on, and people regularly come up the hill past our house, we have the place to ourselves when we are out and about.

      We can't WAIT to explore up there anyway.

  2. Stupendous indeed. Not much more anyone could add.
    The single track roads here tend to be edged by high, solid stone hedges {which often bit an unsuspecting motorist!}

    1. The only time I've been really worried on a single track road was one near Felingwm (heading eventually towards Nantgaredig) and it got ever narrower, and impinged upon by bank walls which gave us perhaps 6" grace either side, at most, and sometimes we were almost grazing them with the car! I was glad to get onto a bigger lane. Mind you, quite happy with the single track and slightly wider lanes going to our old home but you wouldn't believe the number of people who CANNOT reverse!

  3. Love the patchwork green...the play of light and clouds on the landscape...mountains in the distance. Can see why you and Tam are having a such good time discovering all the places you can walk. Wonderful scenery.

    Hope the asthma gets under control quickly so you can enjoy your walks.

    1. Isn't it stunning? We weren't the only ones up there just for the scenery.

      I have tried to rest as much as possible today, and done lots of lateral research around the abandoned church site we visited last night. Interesting reading. I felt better late afternoon and planted two wee hardy Fuschias that came with us, and a potted patio type rose that we inherited here (need the planter it was in). The latter was a bit more of an ask but it's in now and will provide some colour this summer. I have three more to be transplanted.

      7.40 now and am only just starting to feel I need my inhaler (the one I take twice a day), so that's an improvement. Hope I can sleep tonight.