Wednesday 16 February 2022

Sorry - no time to post

 I've had a busy couple of days, and now battening down the hatches before this pair of named storms come through.  Eugenie looks particularly down on the South coast where I have friends and family, so keep safe all.

I shall check in tomorrow and tell you about my bargain Aldi fruit trees, 5 at £9.99 each including stake and plastic fastener. One - Howgate Wonder -  was contemplating paying £21.95 for from the nursery my birthday present trees came from.  I'm glad I didn't now.

The amazing Norman tympanum at Llanbadarn Fawr,near Llandod, which I'll write about tomorrow too.  This is one of only two Norman tympanums inWales.


  1. Hi BB, look forward to the update. You will like the Howgate Wonder apples. They are the ones I buy from my veg shop when I can get them. They do grow big though. Look after yourselves and you too keep safe Tricia xx

  2. Take care, stay safe.

    God bless.