Thursday 10 February 2022

Temptation at the Garden Centre

 I decided to check out a small garden centre which had been recommended to me, about 15 miles away near Crossgates (other side of Llandod).  They didn't have much stock yet as had only just opened up after the winter, but they DID have a lovely selection of Hellebores which is what I went for.  Now aren't these gorgeous?

I'd gone looking for a dark one, but the double just HAD to come home with me too.

I spent an hour out in the garden this afternoon, enjoying the sunshine, and these two have gone in towards the top right of the bank.  Needless to say, the first thrust of the garden fork into the soil jarred my teeth and excavation revealed a large block of stone 6" x 8+" x a foot long from the building which had been demolished there - either an earlier Georgian stable block of part of the house.   

I also dug a hole and planted the first of my birthday Heirloom apple trees, Cornish Aromatic.  Gave it some FYM around the topsoil to give it a good start and hopefully it will soon be established.  Will try to get the other two planted tomorrow. (Pitmaston Pineapple and a cooker, Peasgood Nonsuch).

I like the deep reddy purple Aubretia - I suppose you would call it Puce.

Another bargain - can't have too many planters and this goes well with the other deep blue ones I have.

Finally this half-dessicated Primula was crying out to be rescued at Tesco's, so it came home with me, had a good drink and is now looking a lot perkier - brought it and the Aubretia in overnight to escape possible frost.

Tomorrow the post on Disserth church, and there will be one for the weekend too, as I  visited Llanbadarn Fawr church today (Crossgates, not far from the small garden centre).


  1. Some lovely purchases :) I love hellebores but they always die on me and it will be lovely to have apple trees.
    Look forward to the church posts :)

    1. Shame about your Hellebores. They like lots of good humus to enrich the soil.

      The church posts - oh wow, talking about two gems!

  2. Oh my, flowers already. I love primulas but just can't seem to get them to grow.

    Love the shape of the pot, and no one can never have too many.

    God bless.

    1. I have a bank full of Wild Primroses - they like partial shade, lots of humus and a moisture-retentive soil.

      The pot was Just Right!

  3. I feel badly when I see plants wilting and neglected at a venue where plants aren't the main items stocked. At Lowes last fall spotting many such which had been heaved into a rubbish bin I was told that the employees aren't allowed to 'rescue' any such. What a waste!

    1. How stupid that the employees weren't allowed to rescue any. I hate to see plants half-dead at supermarkets, but it happens regularly.