Tuesday 28 March 2023

Around Ludlow


There are so many wonderful period buildings in Ludlow - Ye Olde Bull Ring Tavern c. 1365 (in its original format anyway which was likely to have been low-ceilinged and thatched.)

One end of the Buttercross Market Hall. It dates from around 1743/44.

I was stood close to the entrance to St Laurence's church and noticed this splendid building - it is pretty big and was originally Hoysers Almshouses with some Rococo styling.

A close-up of the central building in the photograph below.

Shopping here is a delight.  These buildings date to around 1404.

Now, I don't know if any of my UK followers saw a Priceless Antiques Roadshow recently where they showed Lars Tharp playing a wonderful cello which had belonged to Queen Charlotte (wife of George III).  Anyway, this one is in an almost identical case and I imagine it is a similar age.

A modern take on a Medieval puzzle jug - Romeo and Juliet.

Lovely cheese dishes and modern take on a Bellarmine jug behind them.

The castle which I will visit on my next trip to Ludlow. It's late 11th C.

A lovely touch of spring, and a bit of the original town wall behind it.

I love the way the walls dip and out!

The wonky house in the photo above this is in Market street, and in a moment, I will show you Raven Lane:

HERE 1 is a link to the listed buildings of Ludlow (south) and HERE 2 is for the North side of town.  They are worth checking out as they show lots of photos and short descriptions of ages etc.


Above and to the side were both from the same building; and the piece below from Nat West Bank.

I had a busy weekend, and went to Carmarthen on a fruitless trip to look at beds at Dunelm (they only sell them on line it seems) but I went and had my lunch at the beach at Llansteffan.  The visit to the beach was to cheer me up after I had booked the kittens in to be spayed on Friday.  I have talked this up out of all proportion in my head and am DREADING IT.  I spent the afternoon with a friend who I hadn't seen for over a year, and we talked the hind legs off several donkeys (hers were hiding in the stables !!)

Over the weekend I got some more painting and papering done, and lot of Family History - this time heading to the Isle of Man, where Keith's family hail from.  I FINALLY got a breakthrough - after 25 years + of checking and found them in the neighbouring parish and NOT, as oral family history told us, in Kirk German (though they are doubtless there too but not the link I wanted for the parents/grandparents of K's g. grandfather who came to England with his wife. That was very satisfying, and backed up by the Wills I have been checking out too. 

Finally, Pippi has found a new naughty trick, counting the eggs!!!

Then the pair of them, up to no good!

Now, I really MUST go for a walk, before it begins to rain again.


  1. We loved visiting Ludlow when we went there for the Food Festival inside the castle grounds. It's a lovely little town.

  2. The last time I was there was when the Food Festival was on. It will be nice to see it au natural, so to speak.

  3. Those intricately carved wooden mouldings have weathered amazing well. How I would love to explore ancient castles and churches.
    Those naughty baby cats! Why did I think they had already been spayed? You will be relieved when it is safely over.

    1. Oak always survives. How I would love to SHOW you some of the ancient castles and churches round here.

      They are naughty - counting eggs indeed! Plus she carries packets of things out of the cat food cupboard. How I wish they HAD already been spayed. I know my BP won't go down until they are over it and healed.

  4. Ludlow does look like an interesting place to visit. The Roccoco style lion on the one holding,with blue background, looks like wedgewood. The corner shop building looks like it could topple over! All of the buildings have interesting architecture. I do hope all goes well for the kittens on Friday.

  5. Lovely architecture. You have so many lovely old buildings and castles to visit. How nice that the kitties want to help you out by counting eggs.

    God bless.

  6. Those two are just delightful! Of course they're naughty - they're meant to be!!

  7. I have only passed through Ludlow on the train, but it had a very pretty station. Absolutely full of beautiful flower arrangements. Probably a contender for station of the year. I'm sure the kittens will be fine. You will probably feel worse than they do. As you say, you've talked it up out of all proportion in your head. It's only because you love them so. Deb in Wales.

  8. Thank you for the tour around Ludlow. I like Raven Street - very handsome. It is so good to explore new places and I am looking forward to a couple of nights away next month to explore somewhere new but not too far away. Hope you had a good walk. I really want it to dry up so we can start cycling the bridleways again but I know we need the rain at this time of year especially in the dry south-east. We’ll all be thinking of you and the kittens and their swift recovery and I’m sure it will all go smoothly and they’ll be bouncing around in no time. Sarah x

  9. One of the amazing things to me is just how much those timber buildings creaked and moved in the wind....yet they've stood for hundreds of years!

  10. My female cats didn't seem to mind the spaying. One did, sadly, start making nests, shredding news paper, dragging blankets, as if she was expecting kittens, just till the hormones settled down.

  11. Ludlow is such an original little town. I suppose it would have been in old Mercia. I keep thinking about Hugh William's book on The Mystery of Mercia.

  12. That's not one I've come across and I can't find a copy even on Abebooks. Sounds excellent though.