Monday, 22 May 2017

A busy weekend

We were standing at Brecon Militaria Fair yesterday.  I took a break and had a walk along the Brecon canal.  This beautiful garden (lots of Aquilegias) is by a little bridge over the canal.  This photo, btw, took FOURTEEN MINUTES to load.  Are you listening, BT?

Isn't this pretty?  There is a busy road the other side of it, which leads from the by-pass into Brecon, but I dare say the quiet canalside at the backmakes up for that.

A view of the allotments, which were all neat and tidy and folk busy working on them.

Isn't this a lovely spot?  The pink cottage is just the other side of that bridge.  A family had hired a little boat and a lad of about 9 or so was having his first chance to "drive" it!  Much hilarity.  I couldn't help thinking, this is how children should be brought up.

A couple of shots along the canal basin and just leaving it.  For some reason the photos got loaded last-first, so I have foolishly loaded them in the same way.

Water Wagtail on the tow path.  I've always loved Wagtails (Polly Dishwashers my mum used to call them).  We have these about the place sometimes, but I wish they wouldn't come near our ponds because of our cats.

A last one of the allotments - taken because those yellow Lupins looked splendid.

Friday, 19 May 2017

BT are laughing all the way to the bank . . .

Well, to say I am angry about the lack of broadband here is an understatement.  I couldn't sleep past 3.45 a.m. this morning so after an hour of tossing and turning I got up and thought, at least I should be able to load some photos this time of the night as no-one else will be sharing the line.  WRONG!  I cannot change the header photo - I gave up after an hour - and so I thought I would be clever and run a broadband speed checker, but that can't even load the page properly so I see the dials I am meant to be able to see to check the broadband, it's all a bit of a waste of time really.  According to the engineer on Thursday there is no fault on the line and a quick check of the broadband signal said there were no interruptions.  Oh really?  I am seriously thinking of ditching the broadband here and just going a couple of times a week to the internet cafĂ© in the next village to check my mail and update my blog etc.  This has affected my business as I can't sell anything on ebay, and neither can I bid on line at auction.  Last night (again) we couldn't get Netflix to hold, so it is not my computer or anything, it is the provider, as that travels down the phone line.

I will check in when I can (I am assuming this will post of course!) but in the meantime, bear with me and watch this space.

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

A wander round Newcastle Emlyn

I will write my post now and add some more photos later as the line/broadband is SO bad here it is taking half an hour to load each photo.  I have complained to BT again and they ran a check on the line, but said it was ok, yet are sending an engineer out on Thursday.  It is desperately bad - last time I tried to bid online at an auction, I had to have two windows up for the sale - one with the item list and sound, and then the live auction with no sound.  When I finally tried to bid, I couldn't and missed the item I REALLY wanted.  Fortunately no-one else wanted it (two books of Georgian poetry - connected with Edward Thomas and the Dymock Poets) and I was able to phone the auction and buy it then.  I CANNOT trade like this though - had we been bidding on furniture someone else WOULD have bought it.  As this auction is in Gloucestershire, and a two day one, we can't go both days.

Anyway, this is the one and only photo I took of the castle - Keith wasn't feeling too chipper and had gone back to the car with some plants I bought and had extracted a promise from me that I wouldn't be long . . .  The plants were two Pericallis Senetti like the ones below, but mine are the brightest of bright Magenta and Purple!  Anyway, back later when - or if, as it really IS dire today - I can load some more photos.

BUT - the quilt shop was shut as they were at Malvern Quilt Festival . . .  I had been hoping to get my crafting mojo going again too.

Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Recent reading

Morning all.  Ref. the photo - I loaded nearly 100 yesterday but only three appear to have been saved.  I have got son Danny coming for the night tomorrow, and hopefully he will help me sort out the sticky bits on Windows 10.  This is my current screen saver too . . .

I will load a photo when I've written this.  Photos take about ten minutes to load still but I have to gear myself up to phone BT again and I thought I'd give an update on recent books read.  In bed I am reading a light-hearted series a friend loaned me - The Chronicles of St Mary's by Jodi Taylor.  I'm at the end of book two, A Second Chance.  Time travelling back to intriguing bits of history.  Good fun.

I downloaded a few books to my Kindle in recent weeks.  I've just read Skendleby by Nick Brown, which was a sort of lightly-written Gothic Horror with special appeal for anyone who has an interest in archaeology.  He's top banana with the archaeology but the actual story wasn't as scary as it could have been.  I can't see him getting commended for the Booker Prize, but a goodish read.

I am currently reading Parliament of Rooks by Karen Perkins.  It's sub-title is Haunting Bronte Country and yes dear reader, it is set in Haworth and lots of Bronte facts and hauntings, and popping back in time to that of the Brontes.   Oh, and Rooks.  Lots of those too.  Had I looked through it in a bookshop I probably wouldn't have bought it, but as a read it isn't too bad, but on a par with Skendleby.  I paid for it, so I will read it!

Waiting in the wings are Val McDermid's The Distant Echo.  I like her work and have lots of her novels to catch up on.  Then there is L J Ross's Holy Island, a DCI Ryan Mystery.  Not read anything of hers before, but they come up regularly on my Amazon feed.  Finally The Man in the Lighthouse by Erik Valeur.  An unknown quantity but probably good.

Yesterday I bought Keith a hardback book I knew he (and afterwards I) would enjoy.  Dunstan by Conn Iggulden.  I loved the intro, which I read in the car coming home from town yesterday.  Apparently he is a masterful writer and people love his historical novels, so we shall look out for more now.

I had my 6 monthly visit to the Respiratory Nurse yesterday, and my tests weren't very good.  As a result, we had a chat and I am now on a new (stronger) inhaler, totally different from the Fostair I was on, which if I am truthful, wasn't working too wonderfully for me.  This new one comes with a whole raft of possible side-effects, but we won't go there!  This new inhaler is just taken once a day and should shut down some of my immune responses so there is less inflammation and mucous production.  I have always tried to avoid going on to stronger and ever stronger medication, trying to struggle on with a lesser amount for as long as I can, but I have to say the Fostair really wasn't doing the trick any more.  This new one is a powder inhaler again (but SO different to the capsules you had to puncture and inhale 50 years ago) and I am hoping it works without any of the side effects.  Fingers crossed.  Since my maternal grandmother died of a heart-attack probably the result of her asthma for which there was no real treatment in those days, so it would have put a strain on her heart, I am lucky to have passed the age she died at and am still keeping the asthma more or less under control.

It is still raining here, but set to clear up later.  I have a hankering to go to Newcastle Emlyn again - it's been a year since we were last over that way.  I'll take my camera if we do, as we will pop down to Cenarth and I'll take some views of the river there, which is so beautiful - and one of the last places, like Carmarthen, where they still fish for Salmon in coracles.

Monday, 15 May 2017

Bluebell walk at Dinefwr Castle Woods

This is a walk we did recently.  Here is Paxton's Tower in the distance, whilst we are at the edge of Dinefwr Castle Woods.  I must do a walk up at Paxton's Tower again and then do a proper post on it.  It's quite a landmark in the Towy Valley.

The bluebell photos don't really need much in the way of words, and I have awarded myself a couple of hours off to sit and read a book on my Kindle, so enjoy.

The castle as viewed across the Park.

I think the flowers look a bit sparse this year, but perhaps it is my memory leading me astray - mind you, we had a dryish winter which is unusual here, and then almost draught conditions in the last month.

Soooooooooooooo tired

We've just had three day working weekend and I feel shattered today.  As it is raining steadily, at least I am spared having to water round and also gardening is out of the question.  I got lots done last week when the sun was shining though, and have another seed stack full of trays of seeds started.  Cucumbers, tomato plants, peppers and chillis potted on and doing well in the big plastic greenhouse, but I must try and get my runner beans  planted in the veg patch (when I have dug it over and trenched it. . . .)

Yesterday's car boot sale was a better selling experience than recent ones, although the field was half empty.  Not much to buy though.  I'm glad we didn't do our local one as apparently a horse show was on so they stuck the booters in knee deep soaking wet grass on the far side of the site.  I bet that went down like a lead balloon!

Now there are more properties on the market, viewings have completely dried up, although there is a couple from Scotland very interested in our house and they have been corresponding with the Agents for a couple of months now.  She has a Welsh name so it would be returning home, one assumes.  They have a property to sell though.  There is nothing wrong with our house, we have dropped the asking price by £50,000 and it is underpriced and very good value and it is so frustrating when no-one even comes to look at it.  It would seem no-one wants a big house in Wales any more.

Right, my brain is ceasing to function so I had better get on with some chores before we go into town for my 6 monthly Respiratory check up.

There will be photos again when I have worked out how to load them.  This new computer is good BUT only has one dedicated USB port so I am off to get a sort of extension for it which will give extra ports to make life easier.  Of course, having one major technological breakdown, the Kindle is now threatening to do the same!  Let's hope it won't go to 3 items . . .

Update: I found where to stick the gizmo, so will do a dedicated Bluebell Walk post later on.  Meanwhile, I just have to work out how to save and them import them, which is not as straight forward as on the old laptop it would seem.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017


I have my replacement laptop but now the broadband is absolutely dire and I'm  on the Tablet again.  I have told BT and they are checking over the next couple of days.  Gardening here like there is no tomorrow and loving my garden again.

Shush!  I am actually on line upstairs on my new laptop.  The keyboard is throwing me a bit though as it's sort of set to the right a key, and I keep getting daft words up with lots of kjbm instead of the letters I'm after.

Anyway, I had to give up on the garden for today as the midges were set for a feast, but I have potted on 22 trees, shrubs and plants to give to a neighbour of mine - that is my Good Deed (she is planting up a steep hillside) and also gives me 22 less things in pots to water - and everywhere is SO parched at  the moment - the ground is cracking up and I have few weeds growing fresh and no slugs or snails except in slightly damp corners (back of pots etc).  I have been sowing veg seeds, and moved the cucumbers, tomatoes and growing-on courgettes to my main plastic greenhouse.  Fresh seed trays are going in the seed stack in the very warm south-facing yard. 

I found some really beautifully scented Pinks at B&Q and treated myself to 8 of them.  One sort (Cranmere Pool) is definitely "bred" by Haytor Nurseries on the edge of Dartmoor and I just HAD to have those.  My moniker "Boveybelle" is another Haytor pink.  I thought if we have any viewings, a really beautiful scent at the front door won't go amiss - quite apart from the gorgeous flowers.

Right, I will end here whilst I may still stand SOME chance of getting this posted.  No photos yet as I have to work out how to load them as there is only one USB port actually CALLED as USB port - and that has my mouse wotsit in it.  I have to get Danny across again to fathom out what I can put in  the RJ-45 port, the HDMI port etc . . .  I couldn't even CHOOSE the right laptop without his help.  He knows far more about such things than I do.  I shall just stick to things that neigh, meow or woof as I know where I am with them.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Hopefully back tomorrow

I bought my replacement computer today but can't get a long enough internet connection to set everything up ,- typical?  I have been working very hard in the garden today and made good progress.  I'd forgotten how lovely it is to garden in the sunshine and when I have some time to work.  My Aquilegias are flowering and look so beautiful.  Back soon with photos.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

The best made plans

No photos today.  No computer either! It died on me yesterday, just a few hours  after I did the photos and finally printed it all off. Thank heavens I got it finished. We were all set to set off for Hampshire today and then zI rolled over in bed in the night and was woken by my brain feeling like it had poured from one side to the other! The whole room spun and I felt as sick as a dog.   It would seem to be an inner ear infection (I had a long sinusy cold recently).  Needless to say I have had to phone my friend and apologise. I have posted off the talk, map, poems and a memory stick of photos but it won't get there in time - well it might have done if I'd paid £20 to send it! I'm off to see the Dr this afternoon, but it's too late to help the talk.

I will cost up a replacement computer later too.

Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Tales of the riverbank

. . . or perhaps not!  These have taken forever to load.  I can't face phoning BT until I get back from giving my Edward Thomas & The Dymock Poets talk, so next week it will be.  Anyway, enjoy some photos of my riverside walk.  The plant below is a Euphorbia - Sun Spurge.  It has colonised the bank between the lane and the river and managed to escape being washed away in the occasional floods!

Above and below - I quite like these faded ones taken with a gizmo on my new camera.