Friday, 15 June 2012

ANOTHER wet summer . . .

I knew that hot sunny weather was too much of a good thing, as now we are back to heavy rain and autumnal temperatures.  I am relieved I don't still have horses as I should imagine hay will be at a premium once again as the end of June is prime hay-making time . . .  Local farmers will be glad to have had the fine weather in which to make silage and haylage recently.

The rain and a bit of a breeze, arrived yesterday afternoon and it has precipitated ever since.  Our son is down at a Festival near the beach at Pembrey, and is doubtless more than a little disgruntled about the weather, as it really isn't much fun camping in weather like this and you cant be outside to listen to the music . . .

As you will see, I have been hard at work on my  "Sweetpeas"  crochet lap quilt.  Ive done 30 plus rows.  It should perhaps be titled "Escape from the Country to the Country" as I have been watching endless recordings of EtotheC whilst working on it.  I far prefer crochet to knitting as it is more automatic and I can unpick it far easier!

The old cast iron candle holder by the way, started of its life in a Belgian monastery and will come in useful for the next power outage.

I hope that your summer is better than ours . . .


  1. Our summer is much like yours BB. Disappointing after last year`s wet, grey summer months. Serves us all right for doing a rain dance during the spring "drought"!

  2. You could have a point there DW - I was starting to resent having to water round daily in the recent hot spell . . .

  3. It feels like November here. I had my winter gloves on this morning. Very depressing....

  4. Our weather is finally improving, we've had more than 6 inches of rain in the last month, but they've promised us a week of sunshine now.

  5. Our summer here in Texas is hot and dry so far, although we did get a welcome rain storm Monday night. We have had quite a few days over 100F, but it has "cooled" to the 90's. If we could have a few days of your rain and cool, we'd be glad to send you a few days of our heat and sun! (Wouldn't it be nice if we could actually do that?) :)