Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Spot the Redstart . . .

Here he is.  The annoying thing - the REALLY REALLY annoying thing - was I could hear him Weep-Weeping - or Weet-Weeting - this morning, so I crept in the junk room with my camera, only to find him on the outer windowsill.  Sadly, just as I got the camera in focus, he gave an extra big "Weet" and flew off . . .

And here he is again, only further away . . .

I shall keep trying.


  1. Oh! Don't they all do that?!!! I figure they see a reflection in the lens or off the chrome of the camera. Frustrating.

  2. Luckily that bit of red on him gives him away wherever he weets! He is a lovely bird isn't he. I am afraid they all do that flitting away just as you get them in focus.

  3. Oh, this is so familiar.....shades of the nuthatch!

  4. Em - that was EXACTLY what I thought!!!

    Weaver - They are both pretty birds - though the female looks dull and brown until you see her orangey rump. They are very frustrating to photograph . . .

    Chris - I guess it's called survival. Who can blame them?

  5. You are lucky to have him in your garden! I wonder where the nest is?