Sunday, 17 June 2012

Redstart update

It would appear I have been looking out of the wrong window, for when I took some ironing into the music Junk room just now, I startled the female Redstart, who had been on the outside windowsill . . .  Then the male flew onto a branch nearby and was calling "Weet, weet, weet".  She flew off left, towards the yard.  I crouched down and was able to watch the male, who had two favourite perches in the oak tree which is in our top field, by the stream.  She flew back a little later and was hovering outside the window - long enough for me to see she had a beak full of tiny grubs (like the one in the photos on the previous post) so she has obviously a nest of youngsters, not just eggs. (Well, I suppose she'd still be sat brooding them if they were eggs . . .)

So tomorrow I shall creep in there again with my camera.  Fingers crossed.

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