Thursday 21 June 2012

Redstarts' nest FOUND!

The view is looking across the Towy Valley towards Grongar Hill, made famous in a poem by Dyer.

No photo of the Redstarts' nest, but I DO know where they are nesting, and it was where I had suspected that they would be because they were always by the junk room window and windowsill.  By creeping in close enough to see what they were doing, when I heard the male calling weet-weet this morning, I got a photo of him with a large pale coloured something - caterpillar? -  in his beak.  After a minute of so he flew up to the top right of the window and then came back seconds later with an empty bill.  Our house has thick stone walls - well over 2 feet thick in places - the oldest parts of the house.  Above this window is a big gap with no stone in, from when the window aperture was first put in, around the 1970s I think.  Everything is supported above it, but there is a brick-width gap nonetheless in the stonework.  It is on a ledge on the right where the nest must be.  So . . .  hopefully I can get some better photos.

When we had them nesting here years ago, they set up home in the top of the Cart-shed walls, just under the eaves, in a nook, so obviously they like to feel safe with a roof over their nest.


  1. Lucky you having redstarts and finding the nest too!

  2. There is something so exciting this time of year in finding a nest isn't there BB? Look forward to any forthcoming photographs.

  3. I shall do my best Weaver. They're right out of the weather INSIDE the wall, and out of my sight. Clever birds, this pair, as it's a really safe place for them.

    Cait - I'd be very surprised if you didn't have Redstarts in your area too, as you're not that far from me. I used to see lots along the lanes when I drove up to Uni in Lampeter. Then we had a few years where numbers were decimated (flying over the Med perhaps?) but now they are back again.

  4. There is real pleasure in discovering a nest that is occupied.
    I don't like the mental picture, however, of you possibly hanging off the windowsill in an attempt to document this!
    Do be careful!
    I must look up Redstarts--not sure if we have them in North America.