Friday 1 June 2012

Day out in Hay-on-Wye

Yesterday we had a day out in Hay-on-Wye.  We got there just before the Literary Festival was due to kick off (today).  This cracking horse had obviously been made especially for it - and by someone who knows their horses as it has beautiful conformation! - and looks very Welsh too.  I couldn't work out how many grey horses had donated their winter coats to make this one, or what the alternative might have been if it wasn't horse hair.  Paper mache from pulped redundent books would be apt!

He had a very fierce glare, with his ears back!

I was just thinking, this zebra leg lamp would have a long wait for a buyer, but I've just noticed it had a Sold sticker on it . . .  You'd go a long way to find another one.

Thursday is market day in Hay, and this was one of several stalls selling some gorgeous plants.  I was saving my money for books though . . .

But not how to keep your vintage tractor going . . .

And we had our usual wander around the antique shops . . .  Some things had some very embroidered prices . . .  £55 for a green mincer anyone?

I love little display cabinets like this one.  As does Eldest Daughter.

Who also has a penchant for vintage clothes.  (She was horrified by this picture with her baggy top and begs me tell you she is only a size 10 under that!)

I couldn't agree more.  I have always wanted to make a rag rug.  I have so many plans, and they just get put on the back burner when life gets in the way  . . .  Family always come first.  Aren't the colours in this cushion just gorgeous though?

And of course, there was patriotic fervour right through the town, celebrating the Jubilee Weekend.  there was bunting everywhere, and Royal books in some windows.

And these came home with me . . .  I have the partner to the Dartmoor book, entitled Exeter, with the same beautiful illustrations.

The book on Thomas Hardy by Lascelles Abercrombie is very interesting, as Abercrombie was one of the Dymock ("Georgian") poets, and friend of my poetry hero, Edward Thomas . . .  I couldn't leave that book behind . . . It was like coming full circle!


  1. Oh I love Hay. And that horse is wonderful.

  2. great photos as always. I just love your header pic, I long to wander quietly down that inviting path, climb the stile and see where it goes...

  3. The horse is very special - I wonder why he was styled to look so cross - there must be a story there. It is far too long since I last spent some time in Hay, I must rectify that.

  4. Lucky you, only been to Hay once for book buying, not sure I would like it in festival time though....

  5. I love Hay and all those bookshops. We are both on holiday this week and I was thinking about visiting....then remembered it was festival week. Maybe in a couple of weeks time....


  6. Love the horse but the zebra leg lamp is quite definitely not my thing! The green mincer can stay where it is as far as I'm concerned - £55 is an outrageous price. Glad you found some books to take home - one day I'm going to visit Hay!