Tuesday 12 June 2012

Totally hooked . . .

Isn't this pretty?  Sweet Peas from the garden and the start of a crochet lap warmer for next winter (in similar colours).  My eldest daughter was doing some crochet when she was here and I wanted to start on a granny squares throw.  I was tired though, and kept losing track of the pattern so I threw up my hands in disgust and unravelled it.

Then two nights ago, I was looking through a crochet book and thought I would try just a simple stripey pattern, each row a different colour. Well, that was it - I made a looooooooooooong foundation chain and got cracking.  First night, 3 rows, and I picked it up after breakfast yesterday and hooked for 2 hours!  And again at every spare moment in the day and am now about a dozen rows to the good. 

This was progress as at teatime last night. I know there are some errors but it's just for me, and I can live with them and learn from my mistakes.


  1. Hi BB

    Hope you are okay - glad to see you hooking. I have a large super king stripey blanket on the go it will be extremely snuggly when it is finished am about three quarters of the way through it at the moment. Love the colours really pretty they even go with the sweetpeas. Like the new look too.

    Catch you soon



  2. Thanks Pattypan. I bet yours is taking forever if it's that big. I thought I would do lap size, though I was a bit generous with the width - I could always turn it sideways! Lovely to hear from you again.

  3. Pretty colours together. I haven`t planted sweet peas this year so I`ll have to look for some in the local market next week. They are lovely flowers to keep on cutting over the summer.

  4. These are such pretty colours - it will remind you of summer when the winter comes. I do wish I could learn to crochet!

  5. What a beautiful thing - both practically and metaphorically (Is that the right word?) to connect the seasons. The beauty of the spring sweet peas and the comfort of the winter afghan in the same colors. Really, just wonderful.

  6. Glad you all like it. The older I get, the more colour I want in my life (perhaps it's an age thing!) This will really bring back summer memories to me - another wet one sadly : (