Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wandering into October . . .

Well, an interesting few days for us here.  We have woken up to October this morning - still grey and wet out there, but that's nothing new!  I have also woken up to a peak flow of 440 - and this is BEFORE medication!!!  I am thrilled to bits, as it means I am finally on the mend and my lungs aren't so bad they are incapable of improvement.  I can only put it down to walking up the steepest hills I could find last week, which - although far from enjoyable and blardy hard work - has expanded my lungs and helped to clear them.  In a week's time I have my respiratory tests at the Hospital, which have to be undertaken without medication, so the fitter I am, the less distressing these tests will be.  After the initial ones, I will then be given Ventolin and I have to do the tests again (Ventolin will help me to breath more easily).

Anyway, we had a good wander around two car boot sales at the weekend and got some useful things, including a box of 10 small Kilner jars for £2, which were just what I needed, though I will have to fork out for new lids for them.  I haven't been able to bottle any fruit until now, because buying in the jars etc new is prohibitively expensive.

We took a stand at the Antiques Fair/Fleamarket yesterday and were fortunate to get a stall inside, as there had been a cancellation.  The forecast had been bad and the light showers turned into heavy rain by lunchtime and the folks outside were rained off.  I came home with a new-to-me piece of Torquay pottery, which I am hoping may be a Bovey Pottery piece (Bovey Tracey was my dad's home village) - it's a big blue jar with a raised motif of kingfishers, beautifully decorated, and we haggled it down to half the asking price in the end as it was missing a lid.  I can live with that!  I had looked at other pieces of Torquay pottery, and there was a little 1920s pinch jug that I liked but I didn't dare to spend before we had sold anything and when I looked later in the day it had gone . . .  In fact, ALL the Torquay ware had gone bar "my" jar and a large hat-pin holder which I didn't like anyway. 

Oh, and remember that little tabby cat?  Well, it turned up at feeding time last night and is a poor little half starved kitten, about 6 mths old I'd say.  Not too terrified of people (it got close enough for me to have touched it, but I didn't want to scare it first time we "met".)  Anyway, it had a good scoff last night, and spent the night in a box of scrumpled up newspaper in the porch, and had a hearty breakfast this morning.  It is sneezing and has a cold though, so I shall have to keep an eye on it.  May need to tempt into a cat box and take it to the vet.   Sigh.  But I cannot watch it starve to death in front of my eyes . . .


  1. Morning BB glad you are feeling better than you have been. Sometimes its the simplest things that help most even thought it blooming hard slog at a time. When we had colds we were always wrapped up and walked out for the fresh air to blow the cobwebs away.

    That was a good buy on the Kilner jars. I have found that Dunhelm are the cheapest for Kilner jars and also they do their own equivalent at half the price of the Kilner. The Kilner seals fit these bottles as well. The medium sized jar for a Kilner is about £1.60 at Dunhelm (£2 everywhere else) their equivalent are about 89p and they do other sizes as well. The smallest kilner dinky jars are 99p at Dunhelm. They are also cheaper than everywhere else for the seals. They do mail order too.

    You have one big heart. I hope the kitten is okay too and goes on to improve. Poor love.

    Take care



  2. That's fantastic news. Well done with all the walking. I'm so pleased for you. x

  3. You are a kind soul with that kitten BB.

    Glad to hear about your increased breathing powers.

  4. That's me Pattypan - big heart & empty pockets! Thank you so much for the Dunhelm tip - I will put an order with them.

    Em - You should have seen the hill I tackled today - I am SO pleased with myself. It just shows what you can achieve when someone gives you hope.

    Weaver - there was no decision to be made - I just can't see animals suffer. I can now volunteer to blow up balloons again!

  5. Bravo and hurrah upon the news of your breathing and lungs improvement! Such excellent and welcomed news :-) hard won by the hills hike but a worthy win ~ can't wait to hear the results of your upcoming appt and testing. Will be keeping fingers and toes crossed for luck!

    Would love to see images of your new bovey piece - and the kitten :-) You are a kind and caring soul to come to kits' aid (but we knew that of you already, lol) No matter how fuzzy feline fares it will be no doubt better for your comfort & help than would have been without....


  6. Thanks Issy - photos of pusskin I am about to put up. Will do one of latest piece of Bovey too. D'you know, I actually ENJOYED walking up that darn hill yesterday!

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