Thursday 11 July 2013

A Crafty Day in Hay . . .

The new header, by the way, is the view across the Carmarthenshire countryside from the top of Bannau Sir Gaer (Black Mountain).  You can see forever . . .

We had to go to Brecon again for more (hopefully the LAST tin) Clay Paint yesterday, so as is our wont, we drove onto Hay-on-Wye for a Day Out.  We'd only been a couple of weeks ago, so didn't expect to find any must-have books, although I did buy the one on Horse Brasses in the above photo, as I seem to have acquired quite a few in recent months . . .  The Kirstie's Vintage Home book I bought when we stopped at Trecastle on the way.  I wanted details of making on one of the items she had in there, and then I will pass it on.

This is part of the display in the wool/crafts shop next to the cafe in Backfold where we always stop for a bacon roll (sausage in my case) and to "wet our whistle" as mum would have said.  I sooooooo want to make a rag rug (amongst other craft projects).  Anyway, instead I bought sock wool . . .

And then some pre-dyed tops for felting. Wouldn't you know when I was having a tidy up this very WEEK, I THREW OUT the 1970s reed table mat I had put on one side for YEARS with this idea in mind.  Then I thought, nope, I'll never get around to it, and my OH burned it . . .   I shall have to think outside the box now . . .

Thursday is Market day in Hay, and there were a few stalls including this one selling various baskets and bags.  

A little corner of Hay - the building on the left of this extension is the Curry House.

You never know what turns up . . . this huge plaster ceiling boss must have weighed several hundredweight.

Shop windows . . .

Reflections . . . this is the Murder and Mayhem shop I think.

Now THERE'S a window display you don't see every day!  This stuffed Clydesdale head and shoulders was obviously a much-prized horse before his demise.  Perhaps a Brewery horse . . .

This tiny peaceful garden was at the back of one of the shops and I could have sat here all day, listening to the sound of water from a little fountain.

You can't quite see the really pointy ears . . . NOT Mr Spock, but actually the Duke of Wellington - well, the nose and chin are a bit of a give-away . . .

View from a book-shop window - the road to Clyro.

We had a really lovely day and came home to find the first part of the scaffolding had been taken down, and our top field is now baled (haylage) and much tidier.  Phew . . .


  1. I did enjoy my visit to hay with you. Lovely photos as always, thanks for sharing your day out. It was fun to peep in the shop windows.
    How frustrating about your table mat, we do that all the time and then kick ourselves.
    When we did our felting, Dil managed to get a cheap cane blind, the sort they used to sell in Ikea.

  2. There's an idea Kath - I shall see what I can find on the car boot sale . . . I may well find the rolling mat - saw a set of 4 in Hay yesterday, but wasn't going to pay a fiver for them and have 3 redundant! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit : )

  3. Love your new header - what a beautiful view :)
    Enjoyed looking at the photos in Hay - have only ever driven through. Must find the time for a proper visit one day!

  4. Love the new look; light blues are among my favorite hues and you have hit it square on with this shade !~! The visit to Hay-delightful. I am so curious about Wales after coming to know Martyn Joseph and listening to how much he loves his homeland and its environs. Your photos and narrative intrigue me even more. Thank you.

  5. I have loved all your headers and I always think the newest one is the best one yet.
    I never change mine, The Square Ones have it in their contract that the header stays. Forever !

    cheers, parsnip

  6. parsnip - thank you. For some reason the photos are being blown up as the header, but it doesn't do this photo any harm. I see what you mean about your Square Ones header . . .

    Lynda - glad you like it. Martyn Joseph (I had to look him up!!!) grew up in the sea-side part of Cardiff, which is about 60 miles from here, further East.

    RR - you will HAVE to stop, it is such a lovely town - even if you don't like books or antiques!