Sunday 7 July 2013

A glimpse of my garden

Amongst the weeds, there are some absolute gems in my garden.  Last week I finally got out and did some work - although there is a LOT more to do!! and I have NOT shown you the overwhelmed bits . . .  The star of the show has to be the Paul's Himalayan Musk - HOW can I ever replicate this in another garden?

This is from my office window - I couldn't get back far enough to take it ALL in.  The cat in the picture is a stray tom who turns up regularly - we call him Nelson as he has a patch over one eye . . .

One of several Clematis I have about the place.  Name tag lost/stolen by Jackdaws . . .

Another of my original Rambler roses - I think this one is The Garland - it has a fabulous perfume.

Philadelphus spilling over the wall.

This is the wrong time of day to do this post, as I am still suffering from sleep deprivation from the weekend and short term memory loss.  This is the beautiful yellow rose I bought last year? and is just flowers its socks off all summer long.  Definitely one for the next garden.

Constance Spry, who grows up through an apple tree.

The sunny little faces of Pot Marigolds, bought in flower and bunged in a gap in the border.  

A reliable creamy-yellow Scabious.

New-girl - Cerise Achillea "Paprika".

Johnson's Blue Hardy Geraniums.

Another old rose (Quatrafolia), but whose French name escapes me . . .

Another Clematis, this time the one growing up an apple tree.

Last but not least, some of the water lilies, just shutting up for the evening.


  1. Hi Jennie just read your last three blogs, your roses and plants are a delight, especially the roses. Do envy the fact you have all those sales to go to, but then you have a large house to put everything in ;)

  2. Ah yes Thelma, but even large houses run out of room eventually!!! Considering we are trying to downsize, we still have FAR TOO MANY books. . . or is that an impossibility when people love books as much as we do?

  3. I had completely forgotten Constance Spry BB - one of my favourite roses in my last garden - I shall send for one from David Austin in the Autumn to plant by my Gertrude Jekyll - they go so beautifully together.

  4. I've just looked her up Pat, and what a good planting that would be, cheek by jowl. David Austin roses (other than ramblers) don't do too well here, and I had to rescue the latest one I bought, which I had yearned for for years, Cardinal Richelieu. Now he is in a container, he is much happier and flowering properly for the first time.

  5. It all looks very fresh and pretty!

  6. So beautiful, lush and colorful. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos with us.

  7. Gorgeous. The scabious is my favourite. I absolutely can't grow them here and miss them so much. I've just noticed what I think are a few little ones outside Trigger's field so am going to investigate tomorrow....

  8. Em - I expect they're the Devil's Root Scabious - we get a few along the banks locally. I suppose you're just too cool for the garden variety where you are?

    Lynda - lush due to the amount of rain we usually get here - this current heatwave is a change for the better!

    Kath - ah, that's because I only took photos of the best bits!