Thursday, 4 July 2013

Happy cats

Not a very good picture I'm afraid, but I was hanging out of the window at the time.  Here are Alfie and his apprentice, Theo, out in the paddock, enjoying the fact it has just been cut really short, so they can go out and Hunt Voles Properly.  I am SO pleased it is finally done as it is reasonably tidy now, and I am allergic to everything growing out there - 90% of the grasses and ALL the Dock, which had grown like Triffids and came to the top of the very big tractor wheels . . .  Whilst there is still pollen about on the wind, at least the Dock has gone, and the Elder which I'm also allergic to will soon be turning into wonderful Elderberries.

Today I have had  break from the painting, and I HAVE been sewing, but not the sort of sewing I really want to do.  I bought an old anti-cast roller a couple of months back, which needed new straps on it.  I have a friend who is a saddler, so he made those up for me (at a price . . .) and today I FINALLY got round to starting to sew the straps on.  Not as easy as it sounds as you use two needles, and they have to both go through the same hole, only in different directions, if you take my meaning.  Anyway, I've nearly finished one strap and will get the sewing finished tomorrow.  I also have to put some soft leather over the metal hoop on the top of the roller (which stops a horse getting stuck against the side of his box is he rolls too near the edge), but first I must find where I put the leather I bought . . .

Apart from that and a bit of tidying up, the grocery shopping has been done for another week, and I spent £11 on plants (I know - as much as THAT?!!!)  In Morrisons I got two trays (8 in each) of Trailing Lobelia, £1 per tray, and 2 variagated Trailing Ivy plants.  At Abergwili, when we stopped for fruit and veg, I got a lovely big purply ruffled Pelargonium for £2 and 5 assorted plants for a fiver - 2 scented Pinks and 3 different Fuschias.  I planted them all up when I got back, but was disappointed to only unearth one of the two hanging baskets I know I have . . .  Ah well, we have one hanging basket now anyway.  It was good to be out in the garden and I plan to do more tomorrow, weather permitting.

Oh, and I nearly forgot.  Before the paddock was cut, Little Whale brought us a present - a fairly large and rather unhappy (since he was in his mouth at the time) Collared Dove.  I managed to prise LW's jaws open and the bird promptly flew up onto the Betty Maid (hanging wooden laundry airer).  Fortunately although he had lost a few feathers and had a bite mark under one wing, he seemed OK and flew outside when we opened the window.  I bet he will be a bit more aware in future . . .


  1. Hanging baskets for making the place look more appealing to buyers or for your own pleasure? The latter I hope!

  2. Hope all goes well with the planting.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Em - well, a bit of both really! I need to get some more plants to go in the little border beside the driveway, now that the Aquilegias and Weeping Widows have gone over.

    parsnip - I got them all in last night. I still, ahem, need to get the little tray of leek seedlings planted that I bought two weeks ago. I am waiting on my husband to do some more digging . . .

  4. I often wonder how long it will be before our farm cats catch a collared dove - there seem to be so many around and they do seem to spend an inordinate amount of time wandering around on the garden under the bird table.

    Interesting what you call the clothes airer - I have one over the Aga and I call it a Sheila Maid. Regional variation I presume BB.

  5. I find it interesting that cats must immediately 'check out' any change in the landscape or the interior arrangement of furniture. I rearranged downstairs to make sleeping places for family staying over for our 'gathering'--several cats let me know that they were less than pleased that a daybed they favor had been relocated.
    It is SO hard to resist pretty plants at a good price--or books--or quilt fabric---