Monday 22 July 2013

Hard work, mint and raspberries . . .

I got these two craft books from the bit car boot sale on Saturday, and look forward to settling down properly with them when I am not having to Do Things Outside . . .

This was one of my headlined jobs to do this morning - clearing up in the wake of the builders.  A job we couldn't tackle until the scaffolding came down last Friday.  Under all that rubble should be some gravel . . .

The general area.  I have cleared the bit just either side of the hose and was working my way upwards towards what's left of the Escallonia. The darker yellow on the walls is the damp still coming out.  There had been a big plinth here, apparently built to hold the oil tank . . .  It was not a pretty sight, and as you can see, held a lot of damp in that wall.

As you can see, I got the easy job, as here is my OH manhandling the stone (some of it dressed stone, possibly from an earlier incarnation on this site) which had been inside the plinth.

This used to be a raised bed area for growing veg in.  Needless to say, it was destroyed when the builders were at work, although I had removed most of the soil prior to them starting.  We now have to replace all that.

One of the next jobs.  This is the bed in the middle of the stable yard.  It has . . . "got away" . . .  from me this year.  That's what comes of being ill and unable to do anything outside since the end of March . . .

I had a rest from the hard work and went to pick raspberries.  I have an absolutely bumper crop but unfortunately they are the smallest raspberries ever -shrivelled by the heat as I just couldn't carry water over to them from the house. I shall freeze them anyway and use them in a cake or two.  As I was picking them, I could smell the Mint I was crushing underfoot - picking raspberries and smelling mint are synonymous with summer here.  I was also getting stung by nettles, and prickled by brambles, as needless to say the raspberry plot is completely out of control this year.

Finally, a corner of yesterday's car boot sale.  It is very hard to take photos at a boot sale, without impinging on people's privacy, and without having the stalls completely blocked by buyers . . .


  1. Too hot to garden here, hope it is cooler with you.

  2. Hi Cait - Well, it was OK at 7 a.m. By 3 p.m. I was COOKED . . .

  3. lovely books! I look forward to seeing what you make.

  4. Hi BB

    I have the first book it is lovely but have never seen the patchwork one looks interesting. Weather been extremely hot here - unbearable. I love the cheerful yellow for your walls. Looks a very interesting home - well it will be with you in it. Take care and you are doing a lovely job makes all the difference when its done with love.

    Enjoy perusing and dissecting your books when it comes to that time of year.


  5. I hope your heat wave cools off soon.
    Take care

    cheers, parsnip

  6. Kath - I am crafting, but it's mending things (think darning) and winding material round seagrass at present. I really have to get the little stool finished for the Fleamarket next weekend. Then Iv'e got a child's high chair to do. THEN I may be able to start on Eldest Daughter's quilt . . .

    pattypan - It IS a lovely house, just far too big for us now and in the wrong place . . . I was looking at those books last night, and there are some lovely things in them to make.

    parsnip - me too. I wilt when the temps get over 70 degrees. 85 is just too much . . .

  7. I can't believe you were working in this heat. Very impressed! PS - next door is being rented out temporarily as still no sign of a buyer.....keep the faith!

  8. Em - Oh my dear I WILL!!! All we need is a BUYER!!!! Universe - are you LISTENING?