Wednesday, 10 July 2013


The roses in the Header are growing at Haddon Hall - I think I took this photo about 2 years back.  Unfortunately I couldn't really "choose" the photo because I transferred them all onto an external hard drive and I have dates but not the actual photo, so it's a shot in the dark when I click on one to load . . .

Zepherine Drouhin (a thornless  Bourbon rose).

A not too clear photo of Cardinal Richelieu  (a Gallica rose).

The undoubted star of the show - Paul's Himalayan Musk (Moschata).

She's climbed right to the top of the apple tree - and beyond.

This is the rambler The Garland, another vigorous Moschata climber.  Like the PHM, it is very fragrant.

This is supposed to be the David Austin rose, Graham Thomas.  However, he is the wrong colour!  GT is meant to be yellow.  Still, a very pretty rose, and he is a LOT happier to have some sunshine this year.  It could be Lady Emma Hamilton . . . or possibly Abraham Darby.

My beautiful golden rose whose name I have forgotten . . .

I thought this little one I bought for mum, was called "Yesterday", but it doesn't look like the photos I've found on line.

Our top field cut for hay.  They turned it yesterday, so should be along to bale it in the next day or so.

Finally, the house all newly-decorated.  Same yellow (only another coat of the limewash to tidy it up) and then Bay Leaf, which is a heritage colour grey-green. Once the scaffolding is down, it will be going back on the market and prayers are being offered it may attract a buyer . . .


  1. The house looks wonderful and not at all what I expected having seen the interior. I'm a sucker for a double fronted abode but have never had one.

    The roses are lovely. I've never really been interested in them after years of horror at my grandparent's obsession with not pruning theirs when I was a child. They looked SO awful. All straggly and horrible colours. They were big fans of that awful orangey one....'Superstar' I think it was called. Yours however, could change my mind!

  2. Your house looks really great.

    Have so enjoyed seeing all the photos of your garden in the last two posts - it looks really beautiful and the roses are lovely.

  3. Thank you RR. All we need is a buyer to think the same!

    Em - I have old fashioned roses - I am not keen on the hybrid tea type (Superstar) though my mum liked them. Go to and click on buying bare root roses. I hope to open your eyes!

    Glad you like the house too. After having one agent's member of staff commenting "They'll either love it or they'll hate it" I had to remind myself that everyone has different tastes, and ours is NOT contemporary . . .

  4. I adore Bourbon roses - in fact all the old roses. I cannot imagine why anyone would go in for floribunda. I have had a few from David Austin - they are always good.

  5. The house looks lovely, very elegant with its soft new paintwork colour.