Monday 21 July 2014

Malvern Fleamarket and Ledbury photos

We were up at 4 a.m. yesterday morning to get an early start at Malvern Fleamarket.  We had missed the last Antiques Fair there (which has outside stalls too) so were really looking forward to our day out.

It was quite foggy first thing and didn't really start to improve until we got to Llandovery.  Hence the rather arty-farty picture above (LOVE it!) which I think I took just outside Brecon.

We arrived just before 7.30 a.m. (when the gates open for buyers to come in) and were surprised to see a long queue of sellers' cars going in too.  It would seem that the fog had been widespread and held up those buyers from much further afield. Normally everyone is through the gates at a little past 6.30 a.m. and soon setting up and the most desirable items get sold between dealers before the public get a sniff of them.  On this occasion we struck lucky and got our best bargains first thing. 

 I was banned from going near the plant stall ...

The usual general view though if I had had room to take it from head on, this stall was more decorative than most.

This unusual stall claimed to do "sculpted taxidermy" - as per the pictures.  I don't think he realized that Zebras have short manes too.  

This is for my friend Kim over at Oakmoon Studios, who loves Unicorns.  I think her Araby paintings of Unicorns are much prettier than this one though.

This old Victorian picture of Thoroughbred stallion St Simon was one of a couple of dozen, taken from a book, for sale at the Fleamarket.  I looked through them all, and unfortunately they were nearly all marked by damp and mould.  I asked the price - £10 each!  I am afraid I snorted at the price! and then walked way.

This made a great photo!  I'm not sure I would enjoy these "dummies" on a chair in my house though . . .

This lady had turned ordinary pieces of furniture into ones that children would love.  The Wind in the Willows theme here.

Horses - she wasn't quite so strong on her horses . . .

This was my favourite, the Beatrix Potter chest of drawers.

Various views painted on old saws.  I think she had taken "side-saddle" a bit too literally, but I think this was a really good idea - upcycling at its best.

I was chatting with another stall holder, and admiring some of the things she was selling and she got out this very old Paisley shawl, a proper one made in Paisley, Glasgow.  It had seen better days and a previous owner had "mended" a tear with HUGE stitches and a full 6 strands of red embroidery thread, bless her.  Obviously her eyesight was going.  A real piece of history here.

I didn't ask the price on this, but what a wonderful old vintage street vendor's popcorn-maker.

I will have to add the Ledbury photos later, or do a separate post, as I need to get SOME work done today.


  1. What a fabulous morning out. The saws are amazing, but I particularly liked that Paisley shawl, lovely colour, lovely pattern, oh yes!

  2. I really like the first photo of the sun and mist over the hills.
    Arty-Farty or not it is lovely !

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Kth - I thought she had a great idea. Her husband was her best fan, bless him. They were really colourful and the children's pieces particularly winning.

    parsnip - It turned out amazingly well, as we were driving along at the time!