Monday, 19 June 2017

Morwellham Quay - Part 2

This big overshot water wheel reminded me of photographs I had seen of the big wheel at Laxey on the Isle of Man.

This was one half of the village shop.  Sadly it wasn't open when we were there.  The staff have to spread themselves thinly, doing various different talks and jobs about the place.  I thought this was a good teaching aid for school childfren (there were two groups there when we visited) but not a patch on Beamish!

A very sleepy Jack, the Clydesdale horse who was used for all the delivery jobs when they were filming at the farm. 

That photo of the Dartmoor Laddie again.  Both chaps were falling asleep from boredom.  Hate to think of them inside in this weather.

There were also a couple of pens of this year's lambs and a goat, who was free range and pleased himself where he wandered.

Another inside shot, this time in Ruth's cottage.  The "Betty Maid" for drying laundry is what we have here, two of them in our kitchen.

The bedroom in Ruth's cottage, with a rag rug beside the bed.  In the programme, Ruth showed how to make a clippy rug like this one.

Some clothing from that period hanging up.  From what I remember, the grey top looks like something a young girl would have worn over the top of her dress.

I wanted to do a post about Bal Maidens, but will have to suffice with a link to an atmospheric piece of writing which tells you how children as young as 8 were employed breaking the rocks.  This cap would have been worn but how much protection it offered from chips of rock flying into people's faces is debatable.  I've always fancied making one of these - trapunto work and neatly sewn folds.

It is too hot up here now and I need to be back to the decorating downstairs.


  1. It was very enjoyable Sue. I'd like to go down the mine next time.

  2. At least those two horses have one another for company - it is a lone horse that I really find sad.

    1. Lone anything really, but especially horses as they are very sociable, and when they are out in a fly-filled field, need to stand head to tail together to keep the flies off. Friendship is the thing they need most (though not all horses suit one another as friends - there are two roan ponies in a field near the A40, and they make sure they are never close to one another.

  3. Hi BB I went to Morwhellan Quay for the first time when I was 11 years old. It wasn't the site it is now but the start of it when a group of local volunteers grouped together to start it off. We first stayed in Cornwall with family friends in Tavistock. I never thought much about it until one year we went to the family we normally stay with at Otterham at St Tinney Farm Holidays (a small site offering spotless caravan and lodge accommodation in the most beautiful of countryside. The family are lovely and they have about 5 fishing lakes scattered about the site. If you ever want accommodation out of season in that neck of the woods it is worth looking into. They also have their own pub! I palled on with another family on the site. Geoff did not want to go so I went with them and had a lovely day out with them and got to dress up in traditional costume in any event. It was only then that I realised I had been partially there before. Its worth going down the mine have been. Made a donation of £25 to the charity x

  4. I looked up the site you mentioned and it looks spotless and very well cared for Tricia. I've noted that one for the future. I am glad I evoked holiday memories for you of Morwellham Quay. Well done for your donation. Thank you SO much. Now I have the Fair behind us I can get myself organized, a letter written and the bedding in the post to you.

  5. It is spotless BB and the family who run the site are lovely too I,e, the Windley family. We have had a lot of lovely holidays there its about four miles from Boscastle. The pub is brilliant as is the food. Its about nine years since we have been but I hope one day to go back as I do so relax when I go there. Everything you can think of is provided. Hope you get there soon. Catch you soon. Tricia aka Pattypan xx

  6. Definitely earmarked for a week away - if we ever get that opportunity. We are normally lucky if we can manage a long weekend. I hope you can get away for a holiday down in Cornwall again SOON.

  7. It was very enjoyable Sue. I'd like to go down the mine next time.