Wednesday 7 June 2017

Some Vintage Rally photos

On Sunday, after going to two car boot sales, we ended up at a third, which was held in conjunction with a Vintage Rally at Scolton Manor, near Haverfordwest.

I wandered round the car boot sale, and found a couple of brooches - one is a Welsh brooch with some Welsh words on it which are proving hard to translate, and the other was a Scottish Miracle brooch in a pennanular style.  That should pay for our fuel for the day.

We met a few Militaria friends there, who had stands that day, and had a natter with them before having a quick wander round the vintage vehicles on our way back to the car.

There weren't many tractors on display, but those that were had obviously been lovingly restored.  I thought of Sharon's (Morning's Minion blog) husband, who would have been poking around these and talking to their proud owners.

I think there is still a bit of work left to do on this one!

My dad used to have a van like this.  His was grey though.  I'm talking about the cusp of 1959 into 1960 I think, if I remember rightly.  We couldn't afford to run a car before that (nor could many people).  I still have very fond memories of the two Triumph Mayflowers he had - walnut dashboards, real leather seats - and the smell of hot leather when I would sit excitedly after Sunday lunch, waiting for mum and dad to get ready so we could "go for a run" in the car.  Usually the New Forest, but sometimes down to Lee-on-the-Solent (our nearest "beach") or sometimes up to Corhampton, to a place called Little Switzerland by us and other locals.

All sorts of age cars were on the field.

Below was a lovely American car - a Nash?  This was its first outing apparently.  The couple who owned it had swopped their camper van for this.

A lovely old shooting brake.

A big American pick up.

Another American car - they must be SO expensive to run with ful thee price it is these days!

Finally, the smallest car there - a sort of 1/4 of a car!!!  It put me in mind of the old powder blue "invalid carriages" that disabled people once had.

Sock knitting still happening, but I have run into a brick wall with the first Fishguard sock and need Pam to come and rescue me - I've screwed up the grafting on the heel and made a right boo-boo of the toe as I kept on knitting (I was enjoying it so much) went too far, unravelled it and then messed up on picking up the stitches to decrease - for some reason I had more on one side than I should have done.  I can see a cake-shaped bribe is going to be in order . . .


  1. Are you sure it's a sock you are knitting?! :-)

    I don't mind looking at old cars and tractors but I just don't get the fascination for Stationary Engines

  2. Oh, I love the blue tractor :D My Dad had a car much like the blue/grey van. It had one big seat across the front and I adored it. He didn't have it for long though. Poppy would love the American cars, she wants a Chevy Impala one day!!!
    With socks, my friend recommends running a piece of yarn through the stitches before doing a major pattern change so that you can rip it back to that point if it all goes wrong. I've stalled on my sock just before the toe as I have a baby blanket to make for my niece. It's almost finished :D

  3. Cake? did I hear CAKE? Just tell me when and I'll be there.

  4. Jim has hung over my shoulder jabbing at the screen with great enthusiasm. He remarked that the Porche tractor is a rarity --at least in this country--he had the next size bigger model on the farm years ago. He argues that the orange car likely isn't a Nash and wants to know the make of the 'shooting brake.' Yes--we would have trudged around such a display for hours and he would still have been 'talking tractors' when I was over it!

  5. .
    Some of those old vehicles brought back such memories.
    I love knitting socks but the trouble is finding anyone who wants to wear home knitted ones, which just don't last as long as the tough bought ones.

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