Wednesday 13 May 2020

Daft apeth! Gratuitous cat photos

Good morning.  Sunshine again.  Here are some gratuitous photos of Theo, who is a daft as a brush (family expression).  The one of him gurning outside in the garden sieve makes me smile every time I see it.  A little while before he had been curled up asleep in it.

He was pleased to see us, but was being silly (he is good at that!)

He loves boxes too (as do all cats), and is always where he shouldn't be!

Fruit bowls are good too!  You can reach the Special Cat Biscuits from them!!

The Three Muskateers - outside cats: Squeaker, Sam and Miffy.

Ghengis is a sun-worshipper . . .

Whilst Sam has been planted!!

Miffy on top of the wall by the clematis.  A favourite spot for all the outside cats.

Ghengis practicing Cat Yoga!

Alfie on the Dolmen by the pond.

Last but not least, Little Whale, who woke me up this morning by sitting on my neck!


  1. Replies
    1. We didn't go out looking for them Pat - they came to us! All strays - Miffy presented us with 3 kittens, which we kept, though Tipi sadly was poisoned at around 18 mths old. Little Whale and Alfie are her boys. The others - all strays, most of them feral, who came here asking for help.

  2. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful family of felines. I love them all. Thanks for sharing.

    1. We love them dearly, even though they have their little "ways"!!

  3. Gorgeous cats. I bet they keep you on your toes with their antics.

    God bless.

  4. Love the cat photos, thank you!

  5. Thanks for sharing - made me smile!

  6. Good company to look after you! has to look after one's staff of course 😉

  7. What a wonderful family you have managed to adopt. They are adorable.

  8. Love all the cats and fabulous antics,
    Adore the first 3 photos ! Where I live there are no outside cats.

  9. I love to see those cats enjoying the sunshine.

  10. Love your kitties! They all look so content in the spring sunshine.