Sunday 31 May 2020

Welcome to June

I managed to sleep through until just 3.30 a.m. again so it will be another loooooong day today.  The calendar turns a page and I wonder what the month holds for us.  Still more Lockdown here in Wales, where the devolved Government works to its own rules.  I am relieved that we are not suddenly "allowed to drive anywhere we want" as in England, as that seems a step too far, too soon, and judging by the madness and mayhem on beaches and at beauty spots, with no regard to the fact that Covid-19 is still out there and claiming more lives seems just madness.   It seems to me that the original plan of herd immunity is being implemented . . .

The news brings us coverage of several heath fires up and down the country  from discarded BBQ's (those cheap rubbishy things should be banned from sale) or a fag end chucked out of a car window with subsequent loss of habitat and wildlife.  

Who wants to drive to a beauty spots heaving with people?  After two months at home, I am quite content to wait until it is deemed safe to venture forth, and I am glad that we have lots of wonderful beaches here in Wales and far fewer people to share them with (though I think our closest beach at  Llansteffan is going to be busy this summer when Lockdown is lifted, so we shan't be going there for a while.)

There has been much coverage of idiotic young men leaping into the water from Durdle Door - 200 feet up for heaven's sake - it's like throwing themselves off a CLIFF - and then belly-flopping sickeningly into shallow water and having to be air lifted off to hospital and the prospect of life in a wheelchair makes me shake my head in dismay.  Have they NO sense whatsoever?  

Anyway, thank heavens I have a beautiful garden to enjoy.  The roses are just coming into bloom.  Here is Jacques Cartier - a David Austin English rose.

Hmmm - I've been trying to change photos and can only have the one-size-fits-all with the new Blogger set up. I can't centre it either.  How stupid is that?  Anyway, this is Litchfield Cathedral (David Austin New English rose).

This came labelled as Graham Thomas (but is the wrong colour) has never flowered so well - I gave them all a good feeding of blood, fish and bone at the back end of winter and it has paid off with him.

Tam cooked tea last night - a punchy chilli and garlic topping on a salmon fillet, with a noodle and stir fry accompaniment.  I drew whilst she worked . . .  There was much rubbing out and redrawing, but it came together in the end.  A shame there was so much shade to hide the detail in the original photo.  It is a Crabbet Arabian (my lovely lad Fahly was Crabbet/Old English bloodlines).  I miss him so.

So, yesterday ended up being a productive day as I did ten minutes here and there having a garden tidy-up, and cutting back the (many!) Weeping Widow Cranesbills which had gotten to their last flower and needed cutting back to flower again and provide the bees with sustenance.  These spread everywhere so every now and then I have to have a cull or they would be wall to wall!  I managed two wheel-barrowfulls anyway. Then I painted the pine bookcase Keith had made for Gabby using wood from his Useful Store.  I'll take a photo and add it later.  I was outside more than I ideally wanted to be, but with weather so beautiful, it is hard to stay indoors.

I have come to the end of a weeks' steroid course, so I hope that is sufficient.  I will find out in the next few days.

Today I will try and stay indoors more.  I will carry on with some decorating as there are a couple of windows which would benefit from a fresh coat of paint.  I touched up the bannister rail on the staircase yesterday, whilst I had that colour paint out for the bookcase.

Oh, and nearly forgot - we had an email from the estate agent last week, saying that someone wanted to come and view the house (and that there had been interest during lockdown, which is a positive.)  As I am shielding myself until infection rates and deaths are much much lower, I really do NOT want complete strangers in my house, especially as I can't see my other grown-up children as they are out of the 5 mile permitted meet up zone (although they have said people in the countryside could make their own decisions about this zone.)  I have mentioned viewing by video to the agent, but haven't heard anything back yet.  Anyway, in advance of this possibly happening, I need to get everything pristine again.  Hah!  I may be gone some time . . .

Right, back to bed in the hope of a few more zzzzzzzzzzzzzzs.


  1. I think there has been madness countrywide, as people flock to local beauty spots and beaches. Thankfully the Ferries here are still not allowing visitors so nothing like that happening here. We are still shielding, so no real change for us. You have an eye for drawing and a real talent.

  2. Morning MM. I suppose I am of an age now where I look at folk being stupid, and just shake my head in dismay. Glad you aren't overwhelmed with visitors (or having any visitors at all!) so can carry on living quietly. I am happy to shield for as long as it takes for the world to become safe again though if this goes on right through winter until a vaccine is found, it will become harder to be stoical.

  3. I am glad that the rest of us have been standing up and not following England's dubious lead.
    Your roses are looking lovely. I have had no flowers on mine yet, just a few buds coming on a climber.

    1. I fear for the figures in a couple of weeks' time . . . The roses are STUNNING this year - I fed them well over-winter and they are getting aged donkey and sheep muck heap now (that is the muck heap is aged, not the animals!!) Hope yours flower soon.

  4. Looking at the news coverage of the packed beaches - I wouldn't even want to be there without the risk of covid!
    Your drawings are beautiful.
    Hope you sleep better now the steroids have finished.

    1. You wouldn't get me there for all the tea in China right now. The beaches will still be there when this has died down. Thank you for enjoying my drawings.

      Had to grab the steroids again last night as by teatime I could feel I really needed them still.

  5. Hang on in there. Drawing coming along well. Have you got a tablet?

    1. I've got a Kindle thingy - which is a tablet of sorts but without full functionality.

      Drawing is good for me but cats most unco-operative (damn things keep moving!)

  6. We headed to a local lake on Sunday and got there really early as we always do. We headed out in our canoes for a lovely long paddle and stopped for lunch and a swim at a quiet bay. We were really shocked when we returned to our car by the numbers of people on the lake shore. To be fair they were all well spaced out but even so...

    What a frustrating situation with the house. I know you want it sold but your need to think about protecting yourselves too, I hope you can find a way to make it work for everyone.

  7. In the US--the house next door to us went up for sale. It only went on the market right before a Phase I re-opening of lockdown in our state. They made clients wear masks and disposable gloves to enter the house and limited the amount of time they spent in the home. House sold. Closing at the end of the month.

    Wishing you the best of luck--health-wise and house-wise.

    1. Trouble is, if I get Covid, I'm a gonner, as my breathing is already so compromised from the chronic asthma I have. I really DARE NOT risk it. WHEN estate agents can sort out a safe way of doing viewings, we will be able to consider it. This is SUCH a big house (19 rooms) and I am so paranoid about infection I would have to bleach it from top to bottom after a viewing and sleep in the stable for a week!!

      When we are meant to sell, we will sell. At the moment the people who view are selling London flats to "upsize" and the fact there is even a garden terrifies them as they haven't a clue!