Thursday 22 October 2020

Loosey lefty, righty tighty . . .

 Another long long working day again today.  Down to the Tip this morning, and another lot of junk gotten rid of.  Then home via Dunelm  so I could get some cheap-but-nice curtains to go up here in my office to replace the £65 ones I would really rather take with me.  Then Tam and I helped Keith go through the cart shed workshop (he has two workshops), and consign lots of formerly "useful bits of wood" to the woodshed for burning on the fire.  I took a break from that to do some weeding in the bed in the stable yard, and then as it was fine, Tam and I set to and took the Polytunnel down.  It took a lot longer than we had expected, and we were very glad to have all the matching pieces held together in bundles with sticky tape, and all the screws appropriately bagged.  Now it is in a box in the cart shed, and the cover is drying off in Fahly's old stable - there was mud around the bottom apron where it had been held down with boulders.

The title for today's post is something Tam taught me today.  She said she knew it from Scrubs - which the girls used to watch back in their teens.  It refers to loosening and tightening screws . . .  Gormless here happened to mention, "This screw seems to be getting tighter".  Tam came to check and said that didn't surprise her as I was actually tightening it and then she said,"Loosey lefty, righty tighty" and that tickled my funny bone!  Never heard it before.

    After we had tidied everything polytunnelish away, I was beyond cooking a meal, so it was bung a pizza from the freezer in the oven time. However, I still had to bake a cake as we have a friend coming tomorrow to collect some of our stuff for storage.  I had promised him Socially Distanced cake.

    I rather think that a couple of wine glasses of Cider wouldn't go amiss tonight and may even help me sleep through - I have had two nights where I have been awake half the night, plus having my Flu Jab yesterday and every time I rolled over in bed my jabbed arm said ouch.  Better today and no ill-effects from the injection that I can see. 


Banc-y-Daren, just above the "swing bridge".


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed there is, every day. Very tiring though.

  2. My friend taught me lefty loosy righty tighty some years ago and I use the expression to remind me all the time - I would be lost without it.

  3. Glad that things are getting sorted and coming along. Of course the peice de resitance will be the first picture of your new house LOL.

    1. Won't it just Marlene?! I don't know how long it will take to set up things like new broadband, but hopefully we can wing it with the strong phone signal at the new place. I expect you remember Builth anyway (and it probably hasn't changed a great deal since you left England!)

  4. Yes, lefty lucy righty tighty! We always use that in our house!

  5. Harvey always says lefty loosey, righty tighty... and it has rubbed off on me. You are really getting things completed.

    God bless.

  6. I am hopeless with left and rights, so that phrase is one that I too have used for years to help me remember!

  7. That phrase was taught to me by my children too!! Very useful it is too!! I couldn't sleep on my arm either the night after vaccination!