Sunday 4 October 2020

Shedding belongings - and UPDATE with river photos

 Now I am going through everything I own.  Books are a continuing job as we have so many.  Some I know have a good resale value so those will get listed on eBay.  I have a big stack of those though so I need to get cracking on those.

Other books will go to the Charity shop - probably the Red Cross book shop in Llandeilo as they are such a good cause.

I have a stack of Country Kitchen magazines to go to a good home too.  I will see if our local shop will take them (have books to go to them too if they are taking them at the moment).  A big box of novels are going to a friend to read and pass on.

Storm Alex wasn't too bad here - we've just had rain.  Tam and I will walk down the hill in a moment and see how the river is looking.


Above and below: our river in spate, just as we come down the hill towards the bridge.

The river viewed upstream from the bridge - playing Pooh-Sticks on its own!

Here is the rock we normally stand on to take photos - we'd have got wet feet today!

Looking back upstream from the Hall gates.  Quite some volume of water hurtling past . . .

I have spent the afternoon picking up fallen apples, vacuuming, a little dab of paint here and there and making phonecalls to tradesmen with mobiles, more chance of getting them on a Sunday.


  1. Your river looks like it is annoyed and running fast and strong. I like that you are going through everything you own, I want to give away more books, my garage has about 300 travel and adventure books that belonged to my hubby.

  2. I have my sensible head on Terra. Needs must, though this is very good dry storage in the attic room at the new property we have offered on.

  3. My that river is going full spate. Hope it doesn't rise any higher.

    I find it very difficult to get rid of books. Good luck to you.

    God bless.

    1. I think that was probably as high as it got. I find it impossible to get rid of books, but must gird my loins.

  4. That is quite a bit of water rushing somewhere.

    1. Yes, you wouldn't want to fall in it - your body would be in Carmarthen Bay in double quick time!