Sunday 26 May 2024

An improvement


THAT'S more like it.  The Moda design works. I shall be sewing as much of this quilt as I can the next couple of days. Tam, Jon and Rosie here, so that's a delight.  Keith seems none the worse for yesterday's scare, but as he still may have inhaled food, I will have to watch him carefully. I want the GP out next week to come and check on him.

I tripped and slammed into the upper hall wall when I was hurtling for the phone to ring for an ambulance yesterday and have a big bruise on my upper arm (I collided with the end of the support rail for Keith) and my left foot hit the wall and is puffy and painful this morning.  A poorly big toe.  It hurt to drive yesterday, and I will NOT be going to Malvern Flea tomorrow (boo hoo).  It is definitely NOT up to 3 hours driving and a couple of miles walking.

Hopefully the bit of rain we have woken up to won't get any heavier as us girls had planned a visit to an Open Garden this afternoon.  It's a beautiful garden and they have plant sales . . .  I have room for some more Geums and Cranesbills, which survive here - more select (e.g. expensive!) plants snuff it over the winter.


  1. Zigzags looking good. Hope Keith is feeling better after yesterday’s escapades. Sorry to hear about your argument with the wall. Hoping to get out in the garden today. I’ve a recently cleared flower bed to populate.

  2. The new block version looks great! Do you sew long two color strips and cut the to size.

    Oh poor you w falling. Accidents like this happen when one is over tired and stressed. Feel better, enjoy the family all with you.

  3. That looks better!

    Reckon you both need a check over by the doc!

  4. Love that block version. I hope your toe and the bruise on your arm disappear quickly.

    God bless.

  5. Quilt looks good, similar to the Rail Fence pattern

  6. Just caught up. What a scare. I am sure that poor Keith (and you) saw a repeat of the last hospitalization. Fingers crossed that things continue to go well on that front. I am not a quilter, and so initially, the pattern didn't 'make sense' to me. But then I began repeating those 8 pieces in my mind and I could see that what was taking shape. The finished product will be impressive.