Friday 24 May 2024

Take a bow, Doughty's

 . . . for the fabric happiness you sent my way today.  Not only was my order processed super-quick (as always) but when the fabric I ordered wasn't in stock, you helped with a decision of an alternative.  I am delighted!  This is the shop in Hereford I like to visit.  I've not been able to go there since visiting Keith in Hospital in March, but will go back again soon.

This is (top) for the borders and binding, and below, for the half square corner patches.

Doughty's don't do jellyrolls, so I got this from The Cotton Patch.  Gorgeous colours.

Now I'm going up to play Scrabble with Keith.


  1. Very beautiful. You'll be so inspired and happy using these lovely fabrics.

  2. Bet your fingers itching to get creating with those beautiful colours. I hope things get sorted and a bit more settled soon so that you have the opportunity. Who won the game?

  3. What beautiful colours. Your project will be beautiful.

    God bless.

  4. Three cheers for Emma and good for you for getting out and having a walk. The fabrics are lovely, the colour of the sea, you will enjoy cutting and sewing these together. A job for straight-talking no-nonsense Gabby could be to get on to the MSA charity (surely there must be one?) or your local hospital equipment centre and see if they have any suitable chairs to borrow/hire for K. I understand he needs good neck support and perhaps an inflatable seat too. Getting him out of bed and sitting in a suitable chair for some of the day must help with the bed sores. Prevention has to be better than cure. I have to say BB that the pair of you are being incredibly stoical about dealing with this disease. I imagine you have your moments (as we all do) but you are getting on and dealing with it, although why social services of your local council could not be honest and say there is no funding for adult care when K was discharged from hospital is a mystery. Where does all the money go. We need to train people to care, forget the fancy hospitals and equipment we simply need more people on the ground who are trained in basic health care. I can hear my mum who was in the vanguard of community health provision in the 1970s turning in her grave. Have a great weekend. S is going on a gentle cycle with a friend shortly and I am having much-needed home alone morning. I have been doing far too much gardening lately as well as walking/swimming yoga-ing/having a late night out at the ballet so today is a rest day. Sarah x