Sunday 29 August 2010

Being self-reliant . . .

Do you remember what I said the other day, about being self-reliant? It is as much about doing things for yourself, and learning new skills, as it is in sometimes having no other option but to step up to the mark because there is simply no other alternative.

Back in the spring, when we had the scaffolding up, it was constructed around the chimneys - this meant that one of the jobs that needed doing - cleaning out the highest bit of guttering - had to be done from the nearestt scaffolding tower (around that back chimney). We did employ a specialist to come and clean the guttering out, as the alternative was for my husband to tie himself to a beam and climb out on the roof - a somewhat perilous job.

Well, as you can see, we had to bite the bullet in the end as part of the guttering was either pulled apart when it was being cleaned, or else the connection joining two lengths of guttering was never properly united in the first place. At all events, we had a leak, quite a bad leak, every time it rained. Since we simply don't have the money for more scaffolding or for replacement guttering, my husband has been trying to mend the gap with glue, by leaning out of our bedroom window. This was partially successful, but then after the last good rainfall, there was still a problem. The only way to cure it was to tie himself to that beam, having somehow manoeuvred the long ladder up the stairs, through into D's bedroom and then out of the velux window and onto the roof . . .

I went blackberrying with all this going on so I didn't make matters worse by flapping, but when I came home OH was STILL OUT THERE! I decided that as he WAS tied on round his waist, and it WAS a hefty beam and stout rope, perhaps I could linger long enough for a photograph.

And did the glue work? Well, again it improved matters but it's still not fixed, so he may have to do it all again . . .


  1. There is alot to be said for a bungalow sometimes! I hate it wehen something has to be done to our roof and D has to go up there. Like you, I don't look!

  2. I also don't like the perilous jobs that DH sometimes has to do with our little cottage and outbuildings. I like your word 'flapping', because that is what I do too. As if they don't have enough to worry about without us voicing our worries. :-)


  3. I don't think that I would be "flapping". I think the word would be "screaming" and "handsprings".
    I hope everything goes well, as I am doing "handsprings" just looking at the photo, Yikes!
    Please be careful...

  4. He's terribly brave (and foolhardy)but with all that rain in Wales you need the guttering to work I suppose, probably was a very good idea to do it whilst you were out of the way ;)

  5. thelma - foolhardy perhaps, but there was no other option as it would have caused a damp problem - we having clay soil on top of bedrock which holds the rain so . . . you want it to go where it's MEANT to be guided!

    Kath - just how I felt.

    denimflyz - Yikes indeed!

    flowerlady - he's done far more dangerous things than this in his life.

    goosey - a bungalow is one thing my OH says he will NEVER contemplate . . . As Thelma knows, he is somewhat single-minded!