Sunday, 15 August 2010


That's how I feel today. Our house was meant to be advertised for sale in a big Sunday broadsheet. The agent phoned us last week to tell us it would be in today. We bought a copy of the paper, only to find that our house WASN'T in it. . . This is part of an ongoing catalogue of errors and I shall be glad when the three months are up and we can go elsewhere as we have worked SO hard and it is soul-destroying never to have a single viewer because we were promised a wider remit for the advertising and parochial adverts just WILL not do.

So I took myself off for a walk.

The start of the walk - looking southwards.

Sheep-proof gateway . . .

I walked past an old farmstead which hugged both sides of the road.

I think this was the old vegetable plot, now abandoned to Umbellifers.

The inviting curve of the lane ahead of me. Notice the rough bracken hillside above the road. A common sight in these parts.

The steepest hill for miles around I think - I'd need a block and tackle to get me up this one!

Looking across the valley above a smallholding which always looks half-abandoned.

It's tiny, but it's a Holly Blue butterfly. I love blue butterflies - they remind me of Dorset walks and Dorset countryside, but sadly we don't often see many blues in our part of Wales. This one cheered me up no end.

It was downhill all the way for the first half of the walk. Passing the steep-sided valley where a stream fled southwards, a blast of hot moist and blackberry-smelling air engulfed me.

Willowherb swooned in the last of the summer sunshine, strands of silk bursting from the seedpods.

Part of a neighbour's big flock of Christmas geese. I think she must have a hundred or so.

Looking back along the valley.

This is Orpine, which is related to the garden Ice Plant. I have only ever seen it growing wild in our area - never in England.

The last hill, leading up to home.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear what is going on--really, NOT going on--in terms of your realtor. Being listed by a competant one is important in the scheme of things.
    I've often found walking is a help during stressful times--it doesn't solve anything, but it helps to burn off steam and look at a different landscape.

  2. The walk really helped me and my seized-up back has eased off, my housemaid's knee is feeling better and I came back feeling less murderous towards the estate agent! He will be visited tomorrow. We have to stay with them another 6 weeks, but we are going to get the agents out who are handling the property we have offered on, as they deal with our area too apparently from that same office (though they are countrywide). Then they will be geared up to take over the minute t'other ones go back under the nearest stone . . .

  3. Poor you, all you want to do, is get your house sold and move into the one you have set your heart on.
    Your photos are wonderful I do enjoy them.
    I have everything crossed for you.

  4. I'm sorry you are having this aggravation in your life right now. It's nice that you were able to go on this wonderful walk. What lovely, peaceful countryside.

    Hope things work out for you soon.


  5. Apparently we can go for 2nd agency . . . We just have to pay 1st agent extra IF THEY SELL OUR HOUSE. . . Unlikely! Watch this space!

  6. Oh it's such a stressful time, you will get there in the end. I really feel for you. At least you have such beautiful countryside to life your spirits. Jane xx

  7. Cheer up,its rotten when your hopes are dashed, but give it time and something will happen..
    Thelma x

  8. There's not much more infuriating than incompetence, especially when so much is at stake. I hope the others are better for you.

    I enjoyed walking with you via the photo's

    Chin up!


  9. I send to you peace and well-being during your stressful times. It is/can be a stressful time, when you work with people who for some reason, do not have any brains or compassion. I enjoyed my walk with you with my morning tea. I just wanted to tell you that you have some of the most beautiful and mystical photos I have seen, I love Britian and Wales, and Scotland, my ancestors hail from this, and your photos teleport me to their time. Please take care, and please do not lose faith, it will turn out.

  10. denimflyz - thank you for such a wonderful compliment, and for the healing thoughts too. I always try and capture the moment - the time of day is the critical bit - early morning and late evening are good when the light is so different. I need to walk regularly again, so hopefully will be sharing more walks in the weeks to come.

    Al - we took a softly-softly approach this afternoon when we saw the agent. He squirmed good and proper, whilst I honed my body language skills . . .

    Thelma & Poppy's Place - I am trying to hold on to positive thoughts, but I really feel I am being tested right now! Just one idiotic mistake after another by the agent. He couldn't even provide us with a printed-on-card brochure yet . . . Says a lot for his faith in our property doesn't it?

  11. BB- what a lovely walk through those quiet lanes. Such a healing thing to do while you are under this stress.

    I love the pink Orpine flower. A new one to me.

    We have Holly Blues around too. Beautiful little butterflies.