Monday 9 August 2010

Summer writing

I felt in the mood to jot down some poetry today. Just jottings, you understand - ideas . . .

A poking finger of Loosestrife
Bending away from the wind,
Whorls of purple petals -
Open-faced, eager for
The bee's caress -
Beaded with misty rain.

Tired with junketing,
Summer has laid down its weary head . . .


  1. Oh yes, agree about summer laying down its weary head - autumn is fast coming up here in the North and the swallows are gathering on the wire.

  2. We are feeling Autumns touch too, especially today with rain set in for the day.

    The kittens are growing and look very at home :)

  3. Our swallows are still busy raising their second broods. I hope they will have time to fledge before the pull of the South becomes too strong for their parents. It is feeling more autumnal every day......

  4. Lovely lines and a perfect description of this time of year. Everyone I know feels that autumn is arriving early yet last night on teletext I saw a piece about the Woodland Trust saying that autumn would be late this year because of the cold winter!