Monday 30 August 2010

Today in a hundred words . . .

Individual words would be too boring . . .

So how about sunshine - and enjoying it.

Gardening - weeding borders, dealing with Nasturtiums, seed-saving and more weeding.

Contemplating the painting of jumps . . .

Resting and reading.

Old books and house-buying 1920s style: Gone Rustic.

Idly counting goldfish as they sunbathe.

Picking plums.

Making something with mince.

Today feeling twice like Sunday . . .

To heck with the hundred words . . .


  1. Your pared-down phrasing is a springboard to mind-pictures---and I hope its indicative of a restful time after the drawn-out labors of putting the house in order for a buyer.

    The puttery garden jobs are especially centering and a good time to simply absorb sounds and scents and something I can only explain as the sense of one's own particular corner of the world, sheltered within the much larger "outside."

  2. I think I would enjoy doing some of these activities too. Hello from California.

  3. Well I've not b very peaceful); just had a long harangue on why oil rigs should NOT be in the Arctic on a forum elsewhere, must get back to my spinning. It does feel like autumn though, seed gathering and making jam this morning...Perhaps we should all try to reduce our lives to a hundred written words a day..

  4. MM - I must confess, I have been working but also giving myself time off in the middle of bits of hard work. It is BLISS to be able to sit down and relax, especially with a book! My garden parameter is all I need at the moment.

    Welcome Terra. Hope you'll be back.

    Thelma - ah, forums can be like that! I need to do some spinning too, as K is moaning about me having more fleeces than I am likely to use! With the sunshine though, I am inclined to work outside.