Monday, 2 August 2010

Yawning . . .

Why is it that getting a good night's sleep is so difficult? I woke at 2.45 a.m. for the loo and that was IT for the night, though I did attempt for two hours to get back to sleep before I gave up and climbed out of bed. There is so much spinning round in my mind right now.

Our eldest daughter and her boyfriend are here for a 10 day break in a couple of weeks. Between now and then we need to travel up to Sheffield and bring back some of her belongings as they are leaving the city to relocate in Bristol.

"THE" house we have fallen in love with is looking possible. I won't tempt fate by saying any more. We need a buyer here though . . . but the adverts in the weekend broadsheets and THE up-market country magazine will hopefully soon be passed by Head Office, so we may get some viewers from "off" . . . .

I was thinking how much I need to get rid of before we can even contemplate upping sticks, and I think that my lifetime collection of about 75 or more Countryman mags will have to vacate the premises. (Added shortly afterwards - just gone and counted and I have 117 copies!!) I think a big car boot sale or two needs to be done as there are still books to rehome, and bedding, and excess china and probably spare suitcases, at least two fur coats (at least one is mink) which came with a box of odds we once bought at auction. All sorts.

Now that I have started raking the topped grass (I shan't talk it up it by calling it "hay" as it is about 75% buttercups!) into a heap to burn, it is now gently raining this morning. Grrrrrrrrr!


  1. Insomnia is chronic for some of us, isn't it? I wonder if "they" will ever isolate a gene which is responsible for the brain which won't shut down at night and let us have some rest.
    It is so difficult to decide what to keep, what to send to the consignment shop--and what to consign to the landfill or the bonfire.
    We found we didn't agree on any of the above!
    I tried to be ruthless about books and mags--and I think I was, but inevitably I'm going to wish to re-read some of those I no longer have. The offerings in our local library seem to run to dreadfully sugary fiction.
    I've been trying to calculate roughly how far your move would be in terms of miles--or hours--I do know [thanks to Brother Cadfael] that Shropshire is one of the counties that borders on Wales--?

  2. When I was young I was a world class sleeper, you could have run a marching band through the room and I wouldn't have noticed. Now each night I wonder if I'll sleep.
    I have such a hard time getting rid of books and magazines, moved too many of them the last time we moved and they weigh a ton.

  3. MM - It's about a two hour drive x-country from where we are now - N-E of here, in the Welsh Marches. Miles - probably 100 or so. Brother Cadfael belongs to Shrewsbury, so not too far off to visit the Abbey there. Keith said to just box my Countryman mags up for the moment and decide later . . .

    M&J - We have too many - books that is - although we have already got rid of about 15 boxes of them, mainly to charity! But as MM said, you get rid of some which you later regret as you want to re-read them.

  4. I don`t envy you sorting out all those books to re-home BB, but I know how much you will enjoy hunting down their replacements. All those newly discovered book shops and charity shops in your next home county.........

  5. Aahhh, sleep! How I understand about that! Sometimes my mind is so full of "stuff" I have a hard time telling it to be quiet and go to sleep...then sometimes I just wake up thinking about it. I hope you can get a good nights rest so you can deal with everything surrounding a move.

    Oh, how I'd love to have all those back issues to add to my collection of Country Living mag from the old days when they were so much better than now. Alas, I could get a plane ticket cheaper than the shipping would be! :-)

  6. I know how you feel, although I'm sleeping better at the moment. Good luck with everything today and fingers crossed for the house going in the papers. Hopefully you'll be on your way soon :)