Wednesday, 27 October 2010

An autumn stroll

Sunshine was glinting through the trees as I set off on a walk at lunchtime. It has suddenly become much milder today and it seemed a shame not to make the most of it.

A rusty old storage barn on the valley slopes caught my eye.

A rather glowering sky behind what used to be our chapel (now a private residence), and Mount Pleasant, where a family called the Griffiths lived in Victorian times.

Recent rain had raised river levels and the river ran over instead of around boulders.

Looking across the river to the hill behind and above our field.

Even with this amount of water crashing downstream, there is quite a lot of noise and it makes approaching traffic difficult to hear.

Looks almost like spring in this photo.

This old oak tree has that spring hue to the leaves too, where they are just changing from bronze to green. Shortly they will be changing back again.

This was the old well for Penrhiwmelyn. Nearby is an overgrown pathway which led up to the cottage. It's hard to imagine that even in the 1950s, this was still the only source of water for the people who lived there. Tilly lamps and candles for lighting too, as it was the mid 1950s I think before "the electric" arrived around these parts.

A slightly more autumnal look heading up towards the junction with the busier lane.

This is the lane running up to Llanfynydd, which was about to get the weather before we did in our valley.

Heading back down the hill, the autumn colours were more in evidence.

I walked a bit faster after I saw this weather front approaching across my neighbour's fields. Fortunately I was indoors before it actually rained.

Not a very long walk, and I was trying to take different photos of what must be a familiar route to anyone who pops in here regularly.


  1. Thank you so much for including me on your walk this day! It, indeed, was beautiful!

  2. As you say, some familiar sights. None the worse for that either. That's such a characterful and bonny wee river to walk along too. I'd probably spend lots of time there listening and taking photo's too.

    'The electric'. Jings, that a phrase I've not heard in years.

  3. I enjoyed that walk with you BB - and worried we would not get back home before the weather took a turn for the worse. Doesn't a stormy sky always look more dramatic when the sun is shining?

  4. Hello DD - glad you enjoyed the stroll too.

    Al - Well, as we've only recently had "the electric" the phrase has stuck! Indeed it IS a bonny river. I love it in all its moods, though when it is in spate it can be terrifying, walking or driving past it.

    WoG - we walked fast on that last bit didn't we?! I loved the colours of the woodland on my neighbour's field, with the sun on the turning leaves . . .