Wednesday, 13 October 2010

House-hunting and family history

We drove down to Devon yesterday to view two properties. We were so lucky with the weather which, as you can see, was absolutely beautiful - it couldn't have been a more perfect day if it had tried.

After house-viewing, we drove to Hennock to take some photos for my family history notes, as this was the village where my dad's paternal line lived in the 1800s. Then we dropped back down to Bovey Tracey, where he grew up, and had a stroll around the charity shops where I found a great jigsaw puzzle featuring a coaching scene - 1500 pieces - so that should keep me quiet for a bit! We bought some cheese for lunch in a local deli, but ended up having it for supper instead as we had packed a picnic and baked some muffins, and they sufficed.

Then we went on to Totnes - where my dad's maternal line lived - but that will have to wait until tomorrow . . .

The Palk Arms in Hennock. You can just see a scrap of the fabulous views to be seen across the Devon countryside.

One of the village houses with a lovely jettied room over the entrance.

This splendid period farmhouse is at the top end of the village, beyond the church. I would LOVE to explore inside!

This engraved stone is dated more realistically 1603 than 1003 [but I cannot transcribe what it says (or translate it!)]. I've looked more closely and think it says: Here lieth Richarde Ashphell? ?? of Hinick ??? the last word is a pure guess though! Could be Hirtch - probably ending in h as the other h's have the backward loop stroke. Top bar could have been worn on the e? of 2nd last letter. Dunno!

From the church path - towards the church, and below - looking back at the village street.

Part of the Harvest Festival decorations in the church porch.

The decorated base of the rood screen. Churches were such wonderfully colourful places until Cromwell's lot came along . . .

The upper half of part of the rood screen.

Such a magnificent decorated strip of ceiling over the rood screen.

Thomas Hyne, gent, was buried here. Abbotskerswell (as it now is written) is just below Newton Abbot.

One of the beautiful old cottages at Hennock.

Looking up the street, and seeing the big lump of a hill which is behind the church. The steepest bit of lane I've ever driven up leads you up from the church towards Hennock.

A glimpse across the road at the Cromwell Arms. Dad grew up in a council house behind the pub. He would probably have seen plenty of horses quenching their thirst at the water trough too.

A glimpse through an archway to this pretty cottage behind, with plantings of beautiful autumn-flowering cyclamens. I think I will try this myself for autumn colour.


  1. What a lovely picturesque town. This was a sweet little tour and I thank you for sharing it here. It certainly looked like a lovely day for house hunting.


  2. Gorgeous England ;) lucky you...
    deciphering that stone 1003 AD could it be'herepath' after 1003?

  3. Once again, a lovely tour which makes me wish I could visit! What a wonderful village to house hunt.


  4. Lovely photos, back where your heart lies.

  5. I can see why you are so keen to move down there BB - it looks so pretty and obviously your roots are down there.

  6. Thank you all for your kind comments. I shall keep returning to these posts to keep my pecker up, as now we're home - and back to Reality - it is hard to stay cheerful, faced with a long wait for a buyer.

  7. House hunting - what fun, though I guess less so if you are waiting for a buyer. Have you decided in which part of Devon you want to be. A county I love, and one where I spent many happy childhood holidays with my grandmother - a long while ago! Hope all goes well - I must read back through your blogs; been a little absent of late. A.