Saturday, 9 October 2010


I have tried not to get attached to these feral kittens, but of course, once they have been allotted names, and shown their character, and finally allowed you to stroke them, it becomes rather obvious that they are becoming part of the family. They are all boys, even Busy Lizzie aka Jarvis, who finally rolled over enough to reveal the necessary "bits". The two piebalds - Jarvis, the chunkier one, and my favourite, Tippy, who is like a black and white Siamese - are happy to be stroked and fussed, but the smallest and most timid ginger and white boy, Alfie, is still reluctant to be touched. I think this is probably because he got his leg caught in the clematis vine and I had to touch him to rescue him, and every time I try to stroke him now, he expects something nasty to happen. He has to be encouraged to eat more, so I find it hard to use food as the bait to make him accept being touched. I have to wait until he is eating, and craftily stroke his brothers to manage the softest of touches on his back. Then he will leap away and regard me with scared eyes. Poor little chap.

Anyway, they have had the wind up their tails this morning and have been fighting outside like little demons!


Jarvis and Alfie.



The start of another fight.

Tippy about to pounce.



  1. Your photo's of the kittens are great and show why you were never going to be able to stay 'detached'. I suspect you never actually believed it anyway but kept telling yourself in the hope it might happen.

    They're gorgeous.

  2. Delightful! I love that little ginger one!

  3. They certainly can and do wiggle their way into your hearts and lives. We have 4 girls, two are sisters and the other two are probably related to them just a year or two apart. We've had our girls fixed, three live in our barn, the baby of the bunch was not accepted by them, so she lives outside, and in our screened room, and comes inside to visit with us too. We've said is enough is enough and these 4 girls make up our little family. They do have their own personalities and you can't help but love them all.

    Enjoy these guys they are so sweet looking. The little ginger one will become your friend before long. Sometimes it just takes a little more coaxing and loving.


  4. Tippy is like Minnie, about whom I wrote on my last blog. Such a personality!

  5. Oh, you did well to get clear photos of all the action. I seem to get fur-blurs.
    It is impossible to remain detatched--our three barn kittens have won our hearts, but I simply can't bring any more inside--the litter box duties are rigorous as is and we already have personalities that don't always cohibitate nicely.
    I can only hope my barn babies find safe warm places in the hay, and I do feed them well--they are such funny little "greeters" whenenver we walk toward the barn.

  6. Those little kittens were lucky to have found you! I especially like the little orange tabby...