Friday 8 October 2010

A trip to Hay-on-Wye (again!)

On the road to Hay. View of Pen-y-Fan as we approached Brecon.

Regular readers of this blog will soon pick up on our favourite places to visit and Hay-on-Wye has to be near the top of the list. Not just for its bookshops either - it is just such a lovely unspoilt town, with individual traders rather than the soul-less chain shops you see in many towns.

We didn't go mad - just a couple of books apiece - which I will review shortly, but it was lovely just to stroll around the town to our favourite shops - and in autumn sunshine too! I had my camera slung around my neck, as always, and was always on the look-out for something interesting to snap at.

Hay Bluff, snapped through the car window as we approached the town.

Addymans have some absolutely gorgeous Gothic bookshelves.

Books . . .

Our eldest daughter fell in love with this Victorian shoulder cape . . .

The castle ruins looked very romantic with the autumn colours fronting them.

How quick the loss of knowledge . . . I recognize this as a clothes horse. It was marked up as a "screen"!!! Fat lot of use as a screen!

My husband liked this old rocking chair, though he pointed out how the legs had a kilter on them . . . Someone at some point in its history had nailed into them through the seat - a no-no for any chair.

This was part of the greengrocer's display. We had a lovely conversation about English apples - he had some locally-sourced ones of the old-fashioned sorts. I bought Monarch, Worcester Pearmain, Falstaff and Devonshire Quarrenden. Their flavours are exquisite, especially the deep red Quarrenden, which has reddish flesh and reminds me of strawberries. That has always been one I intend to plant when we move, along with Pitmaston Pineapple, and Cornish Aromatic.

The excellent cookware shop. How lovely it is to see cottages which haven't been "modernized" out of all recognition, be they shops or homes.

Gorgeous red leaves on the Virginia Creeper on the wall of a pub.

What a tempting view through the window of this shop.

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