Sunday, 3 October 2010

Visit to the Horse Sale

Last Thursday I had a wander round the horse sale again. As the picture below shows, having strange horses in the next pen can feel very threatening.

Someone had the bright idea of crossing a gypsy cob with a Shire . . .

The registered Welsh Cobs (Cs and Ds) were mostly in this section.

This was a big lad - with a beautiful eye.

Hopefully this little chap is now a child's best friend.

Not such a smart hair cut! This mare looks due to foal any day.

I loved the liver chestnut in the front . . .

Three farm-bred youngsters who arrived soaked in sweat but soon settled down. Nice sorts.

These are the bread-and-butter types at this auction - apart from the ubiquitous grey and wild Section A youngsters, there are more coloured cobs than anything most months.

Here's the one I wanted to bring home - for obvious reasons.


  1. I did enjoy this post very much. I used to go to a lot of horse sales when I had my own ponies. I have not owned a coloured pony,as I had registered natives, but I have a longing for a coloured cob one day.
    More horsey posts please :D

  2. I owned a beautiful Welsh D for over 15 years. She was such a big part of my life. I look at them with longing! One day, perhaps!

  3. Ah BB isn't it sad to see all these lovely horses waiting for someone to love them. I do hope they all found loving homes.

  4. I don't dare go to a horse sale! I'd have come home with that little chap at the very least.

  5. I stay away as I can`t bear the lost expressions on their faces.

    Kath and Chinecats, have you ever visited the website? I am regularly tempted by the kind, steady cobs that they advertise. I had a Section C as a teenager. Such a character!

  6. Horses intrigue me, but I admit to being a bit afraid of them. I never learned to ride and I mistrust the sheer size of the creatures.
    Stock sales, animal shelters, stray cats and dogs all tug at me--all I can do is take care of those that share my space.
    That first horse looks so unhappy--and that poor homely mare with the chopped mane--almost a caricature of a horse.