Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Dartmoor Demons - a recipe

I made these scrummy scones for the first time at the weekend, and I will be making them regularly now. A good way to get your family to eat prunes and dates as these just taste yummy rather than "good for you"!!


450/1lb 100% wholemeal flour
pinch of salt
20g/ 3/4 oz baking powder
100g/4 oz butter
100g/ 4 oz sugar
1 egg
225ml/ 8 fl oz milk
50g / 2 oz prunes, de-stoned, chopped and soaked (or use ready-to-eat)
50g/ 2 oz dates, chopped
zest of an orange and lemon

For the topping (which I didn't bother with):

1 egg
50/ 2 oz sesame seeds

Use 2 x 30cm/12 in baking sheets, well oiled

Pre-heat oven to 200 deg. C/400 deg. F/Gas Mark 6.

Blend together in a mixing bowl the flour, salt and baking powder. Cream the butter and sugar together, mix in the egg and clear the batter. Add to the dry ingredients. Pour on the milk and mix to a smooth dough. Add the fruits and zest and disperse well.

Transfer the mixture to a lightly floured board, roll out o 1cm/ 1/2 in thickness. Use a 6cm/ 2 1/4 in cutter to cut out the scones. (Press the edges of each one to form a dome. Make an indent in the middle, egg wash and place half a date in the centre. Sprinkle sesame seeds on the top.) In brackets - I didn't bother!

Place the demons on the bakin sheets allowing room for expansion and rest for 10 mins before baking (I forgot!!!). Put in oven for 15 - 20 mins until golden brown. I also glazed the top with milk on mine.

Variations: chopped walnuts - add 75g/ 3 oz to the dough and top scones with cracked wheat.
mixed seeds - use sesame, sunflower, pumpkin or caraway seeds. Add 50g/ 2 oz and top with dusted wholemeal.
glace cherries - add 75g/ 3 oz and top scones with ground hazelnuts.
choc-chip - add 50g/ 2 oz chocolate chips and a pinch of cinnamon.

(Recipe from The Country Bakehouse - Christopher Conil.)

This morning I have just tried another new-to-me cake recipe. It is in the oven as I write . . .


Small carton of plain yoghurt (keep the pot and use it to measure the remaining ingredients).
3 cartons S-R flour
2 1/2 cartons caster sugar (ridiculous amount - this is 10 ounces in "old money"! heavier than the 9 ounces of flour, so I just used a scant 1 1/2 cartons sugar and may lessen it next time, to taste.)
1 carton vegetable oil
3 eggs
1 lemon, juice and grated rind

Preheat the oven to 180 deg. C/ 350 deg. f/Gas mark 4). Mix the yoghurt and oil together and add the eggs, lemon juice and grated rind. Wash out the yoghurt carton and dry it, ready to measure the dry ingredients.

Add the sugar and sifted flour to the mix and stir well. Put into a tin and bake for 40 - 60 mins or until golden and a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean. Cooking time will vary according to the size of the yoghurt pot used . . .


  1. Yum......
    I'm going to try these.
    Thank you for your recipe.


  2. I'd eat them even with prunes as long as there is lashings of good thick whipped cream (fresh, not the canned type) to go with them. Yum!