Friday, 6 May 2011

Everything in the garden is lovely . . .

The first roses of summer - flowering on May Day! SO early. This is Roserie de l'Hay and a must for any garden.

Roserie de l'Hay flowers all summer long and has a fabulous perfume. I have her at the bottom of the apple tree by the drive, and Constance Spry climbs up through the tree.

A view along the Herbaceous border in front of the house.

More Aquilegias than weeds, which is always a healthy balance!

Above and below - looking across the Aquilegias. I seem to have lost a few doubles over the winter, and nearly everything on this side of the garden has become pink Stellata . . . Hmmm. It used to be paler pink pom-poms!

As you can see, I have trays and trays of plants and seedlings, now moved to a cooler area between the two stable blocks. I have ten trays of Aquilegia babies!

Some of the more unusual seedlings, grown from seeds from Touchwood Nurseries near Swansea. I am torn between getting some more seeds/seedlings to bring on or waiting until we move - though Lord knows when that will be . . .

Note the beautiful yellow leaves of the Roman Gold Aquilegias, and some variegated-leaf types too. The Roman Gold have deep purple stellata type petals.


  1. I love aquilegas, looking round my garden I can see lots of tiny baby ones which have seeded themselves, I hope most of them survive :)

  2. justeeyore - they are VERY tough. I thought I may have lost some this winter, but I think it was just one, which was the prettiest dwarf blue and white one I got last year. I have plenty to replace it!

  3. My garden is full of aquelegia - some almost wild and some really beautiful. Butm, as you say, they are a great improvement on weeds. The same is true of alchemilla, which is in danger of taking over my garde,. I would sooner look out on that than on a patch of weeds.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation, always good to have the name of a plant which others have tried and tested.

  5. Your gardens look so beautiful! I can't wait for roses:)

  6. Your garden looks lovely again. I do like those last two "specialist" aquilegias.

    BB, I have just posted my Edward Thomas photos from the woods on Ashford Hanger. Apologies if we have duplicated some, but wasn`t that the most glorious walk!

  7. That rose is beautiful is your whole garden.

  8. Thank you all for your kind comments about my garden. I love it - but then I'm a bit biased! DW - I will save you some seeds.

  9. Roserie de l'Hay is one of my favorite rugosas--hopefully mine is establishing well. Your herbaceous border draws me in--I want to walk along the edge and "greet" the plants.