Saturday, 7 May 2011

A recent local walk

During the recent sunny weather, my husband and I had a wander up the valley. This oak tree doesn't look very impressive, but the very base of the trunk is buried beneath a heap of soil moved from elsewhere, and the width of the trunk where we measured it is 6 feet ACROSS - let alone the circumference. It is probably a maiden oak, and anything up to 600 years old . . .

The old range inside a farmhouse which, after many years of neglect, is now being done up again. I wouldn't live there if you gave it to me though, as it has the most AWFUL atmosphere around the doorway, and knowing what I do of its history, I am pretty sure I know what caused the "atmosphere". Previous occupants were apparently interested in the "dark arts" and as they were forced to move, I think may have left with a curse on their lips .

When you see the "candles" on the Horse Chestnut, you rarely look at them close up - yet they are SO pretty . . .

The verges were a beautiful mixture of Campions, Bluebells and Stitchwort, with a few ferns thrown in for good measure.

Looking northwards up the valley.

Oak before ash again this year - but it has been a good fortnight ahead of the ash, not just a couple of days . . .

These three are destined to be "racehorses". What a shame their owner couldn't be bothered to give them the good start they needed last winter. They won't make much at the Yearling Sales . . .

They were friendly enough.

But this chap wasn't quite so sure . . .


  1. Lovely photos of what looks to be a lovely part of the world. Aren't the verges pretty this year? I think the warm weather has really brought out the best of our countryside this spring :-)

  2. It would be nice if someone could bless that house, it seems such a waste.

  3. I love all the photos of wild flowers. I remember so many of them. I wish England weren't so far away. I agree with eeyore about the house. Bad things shouldn't be allowed to prevail!

  4. The photos of the ferns and wildflowers are a reminder of a favorite springtime walk in Vermont--where I lived for so many years of my life. A side hill with a brook rushing through, it was an undisturbed bit of ground with tall trees and every sort of wildflower that flourishes in shade.
    I wouldn't care to live in a place where "dark arts" have been practiced. While I don't think I"m superstitious, "witchcraft" is another matter and I believe "the evil one" may linger where he has been made welcome.
    Horses who have not been well fed break my heart--there was a whole herd of them wintered across from our son's home in Wyoming for several years. They were obviously hungry and were so hopeful that someone was coming out to feed them. Sad--and it made me angry on their behalf.