Monday, 30 May 2011

In limbo

Squirrel photographed recently in Dinefwr Castle Woods.

That's how I feel right now. I am on the hamster-wheel of life and can't get off! We are busy putting the final touches to this year's work on the house and garden, and another agent is coming out to do a valuation this week. Then we will know where we stand (my darling husband doesn't believe that Welsh house prices have sunk as low as I know them to be from my internet searches). The over-pricing agent last year did us no favours whatsoever.

I am still deep in my Edward Thomas (poet) research and reading, and still fighting off this chest infection (3rd lot of anti-biotics now). The infection, plus sleeping poorly, have knocked me for 6. If I work, then I pay the price the next day, but housework doesn't do itself, more's the pity.

Nothing exciting to report. Brain in neutral at the moment. The petrol strimmer was completely mangled inside the motor, so we will now have to cut the paddock by hand. Deep joy.

I was volunteering yesterday, at the Big House, and it was very busy, being a Bank Holiday. The house loved having lots of people there!

The view above is the last of the bluebells a couple of weeks ago, in the fields just below the castle.


  1. Hope the valuation is realistic and that you can sell it soon. Sorry you are feeling so grim, hopefully the antibiotics and some sunshine will put you back on your feet again.

  2. You do sound to be going through a bad patch. There is nothing moe stressful than selling a house - even when you are in full health - so you really must take it easy. Hope things go well.

  3. It must be a relief and a real pleasure to get yourself away to the Big House on your volunteering days.

    Fingers crossed that the new valuations will actually get things moving for you this summer BB.
    Sleep well tonight.

  4. Being unwell makes the day to day stresses of life loom in menacing proportions. There surely aren't any easy answers to the effects of the widespread downturn in real estate.
    I can see from your photos over the past year how much skilled and tasteful renovation you and K. have provided for your vintage home. Hopefully you will connect soon with a buyer who will appreciate it.
    Hope you are soon on the mend!

  5. Here's hoping you feel much better soon and that you're able to sell the home you've put so much of yourself one who will care for it as you have!