Saturday 17 December 2011

Back to Bunting

I have to say, although it took me ages to make the two lots of bunting from start to finish, it was very enjoyable and I was quite pleased with myself. Firstly, I will post the link to the blog where I found the Bunting Tutorial:

This was very useful and told me all I needed to know. I used a crochet hook to push out the points when I had turned the little flags inside out. As I didn't have a long enough length of ready-made bias-binding (you will need the 1"(2.5cm) width if you are buying it), I had to make my own. I had lots of the green Laura Ashley fabric still - donated by someone who had made curtains from the rest of it - so I used that for one lot, and a neutral fat quarter of lighter-weight patchwork fabric for the other. I cut it 1 1/2" wide (4cm) and then turned back and pressed 1/4" (1cm) on either side. This took forever.

I had a colour theme for one lot of bunting, but the other was made with leftover fabric which had gone into the hexagon patchwork quilt I made for my daughter (they both got one to take to Uni), so the colours and patterns are more random. I used plains and patterns, regularly spaced. When they were all assembled I pinned them in 4" (10cm) apart, ready to machine into place, having already turned the bias binding in half and ironed it to give a good crease. Finally, I just sewed the ends in on the bias binding.

I am sure they will be well-received, and I doubt very much if either of my girls will visit my blog before Christmas (hence the photos!) as they are busy, and don't normally visit very often even when they're not! They will certainly dress their otherwise neutrally-decorated rented accommodation and hopefully remind them of their mother's love for them . . .

Leftovers - I think I shall make some bunting for me next, and then some Christmas bunting (probably for NEXT year!)


  1. A great way to use colourful odds and ends of fabric. I`m sure the girls will treasure their strips of bunting and think of you whenever they hang them up in years to come.

  2. I really love fabric bunting, you are very clever to make such lovely ones.

  3. Hello!
    Thank you for popping by and leaving your comment. The bunting looks lovely and such lovely fabrics too. Your girls will be delighted to keep those hanging through the year :-)
    Thank you for linking back to the tutorial, I'm delighted it was helpful for you.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours!

  4. I especially admire the batik fabrics. Don't envy you messing about with the bias binding. I've seen a little tool in quilting mags which helps to press the strips evenly--I think I'd invest if I was going to make yards of it.

  5. The bunting looks terrific. I'm sure it will be well received too. What a lovely cheerful present.